Zz's Gameplay Bugs/Glitches & Improvements (Part1)

Basically a continuing list of bugs/ideas I’ve thought about while playing this game since v117… would love to see some/any/all of them implemented, some have probably already been fixed/suggested here, but I hope some of these are new/useful.

Anyone else have any suggestions or idea to add to my idea? Post below! Let’s see what we can come up with for this amazing game!

(Listed in order of importance, just to ease my OCD)

—NEEDED ASAP:: MORE DEVELOPERS/GMS THAN 30 LIMIT. Task log for developers never hits 0 on 9000+ logged in and 28000subs.

—Bug:: Delete button doesn’t work correctly as of v118, cursor doesnt move forward 1 letter, to see glitch: use delete button on left side and then re-enter character, the character is 1 position off and then the cursor is also glitched.
—Bug:: ([return/enter] button on numpad doesnt register as keypress.)
—Bug:: (Fixed-mostly)shadows on trees/props/flying mounts switch position up to 180degrees based on zoom level in some areas.
—Bug:: When syncprice is enabled, and you disable it on a realmoney building, the box defaults to a goldvendor building but still says realmoney until you close and reopen the building. the default value goes to 0 aswell, but also doesnt refresh/show correct value until you close building tab and reopen. (Fixed, added new issue as of v118:: now if you disable sync price and close the window the options currently set still dont stay… i.e. realmoney switches back to gold instead of staying at realmoney.)
—Bug…?:: In: 'WorldSummary":: average usersperregion should exclude regions with 0 players. i have 7 open extra regions now and 0 players in each so the avg is altered a bit. (simple fix:: make active regions tab only count the regions with atleast 1 playr in them, so instead of 23 active regions now itd say i have 5 instead, which is still accurate with the wording. you could even put a parenthesis and add something like (18 regions with 0 players)

Game Improvements::

#1!!! MORE DEVELOPERS/GMS NEEDED THAN CURRENT 30 LIMIT. Task log for developers never hits 0 on 9000+ logged in and 28000subs. I suggest atleast 100/100 for now…? How many ‘players’ do you think people want in their game? Millions of course… lol, 30 developers will not be enough in the long run, thus I’d suggest implementing it earlier than later.

—Rebalance:: After zones have been bought for 5000$, turning them off should cost only $500-1000$ to turn them back on, currently it’s 5000$, if you would like to keep this function as-is then I suggest changing ‘turn-off’ to the word “sell” and give some kinda refund… I bought the entire world, then lost all my money because there was no way to turn off quest tracking, another resolution:: have the zone intial cost up to 8000 and then only 1000 to toggle back on/off after they’ve been ‘deactivated’.

—Feature:: Add more class templates, 8 isnt enough, maybe up to 16?

—Feature:: Add the ability to pay money for moves

—Feature:: Add an ability to self res (see above suggestion)

—Feature:: Quest rewards able add percentages to exp rewards instead of base digits.

—Feature:: Using shift+1,shift+2,shift+3,shift+4,etc should switch between interact/terrain/scenery/building/etc tabs.

—Feature:: Add a ‘task/quest log’ menu and the ability to toggle tracking on/off for quests; tried buying 10 zones at once and then I see why this would be a great feature!

—Feature:: Portals!!! for instanttravel pointtopoint. for linking 2 zones of the same level that are too far for flightpaths. thus ai would also need to path in the distance to portal and distance to things on other side of portal, i.e. portaling to town to buy items is faster than running back to town. could also just make portal system also like flightpaths n have multiple connections, but i think 1-1 would still leave reason for ppl to build flightpaths. also make sure exit portal cant be in the same zone as entrance portal. could also limit it to same zone level on both ends. i.e. level1 town hubs connecting to 3-4 diff “questing zones”

—Feature:: !!some way to add a -rotation que- for ‘players’ and ‘monsters’ in the design>moves/abilities tab. That way when they level up they try their best to follow the same que… what I thought of was to add a blank square that everytime u click it it goes from 1-9, so they can set up to a 9 que rotation, n then when the ‘player’ cant follow the rotation/ability-que they default to normal attack pattern.

—Feature:: Add lock button(icon) next to ‘x’ button to keep panels open when hitting escape or switching tabs. (i.e. for people that want to constantly monitor their funds/developerque/a certain zone that’s almost near capacity, etc etc.

—Feature:: ‘Quest-presets’ menu (add a ‘save’ icon to questgivers to be able to save entire quest NPC or individual quests that npc holds) with tiers for quick setup of new questgivers in zones. save menu would have to have a ‘name’ input and some kind of checkmark for each option of what youd like to put into saved template. charactermodel,quest#,exp,rewards,etc. Would be useful for starter npcs, or elite hunt npcs, like for example in every new zone I have a questgiver that sends them to the nearest graveyard and the nearest inn and the nearest blacksmith so they dont forget to stock up. I have a few other repeating NPC questgivers that share similar properties, the only thing that would be a bit of a b*tch to be able to save is the targets…? but even just saving the quest rewards/npcs would be a timesaver. Implement the basics of a system now, so then you can add to it later. Makes life a tad bit easier from programming point of view.

—Feature:: Implement decimals to ‘base’ stats in design menus and anywhere else they may be missing.

—Feature:: (+) and (-) buttons that add or subtract 0.1 on left and right next to everything on the stats/attack tab of Design>Abilities page.

—Feature:: Saw this suggested already not too long ago:: A way to set different skins per level for classes, i.e. lvl5,10,15,20 have different tiers/armor looks. if theres no plan to implement armor drops in dungeons… this would be a way to make higher level players different from lower level ones and add more uniqueness to the game.

—Feature:: (+) button at bottom of zone info for additional stats/extended stats including:
#monsters in area, alive/total
#players in area that are alive/battling/socializing/questing

—Change:: Clicking once in the digits tab should automatically all the text. then user can either type new numbers or hit left(-)/right(+)/up(+)/down(-) on arrow keys to edit from desired direction.

—Feature:: Add a random name gen button(? or dice icon) for abilities/anything that needs naming.

—Feature:: Add current region level to quest/task tab: ie ‘Setup Widnswamp [Lv5] (0/2)’

—Feature:: Ingame currency reports under reports tab::
-avg player gold chart x-axis being level, y-axis being avg gold.
-other stats…?
-gold/money spent, earned, given thru sales,
-gold/money removed thru shops, removed via blacksmith,inn,etc.

–Change:: Add more columns in "subscribers’ tab showing:
-demand,level,class, & add a [+] expandbutton for more stats::
-misc stats,happiness,addiction.etc.

-----------Feature:: (this one would take some work)add ability to set item prices in shops and add custom items: i.e. phoenix down price:4 real money.
then:: youd have to add a “codex” menu with items and gear in game(for dungeons loot/bosses too)… this codex menu would help alot with later adding better stats and AI gambits for boss fights…blueprints/unlockables/cosmetics/etcetc…(see finalfantasy12 gambit system for boss encounters in dungeons, this would b the best way to set up… also could implement an ingame shop for the GameMaster to buy new gambits and whatnot after x amount of completions and/or player deaths… whichever way you want to build that spec trait.

holy jeebus that took a while to re-edit and upload, for part2 I need to make my notes a bit easier to understand. Any feedback/suggestions/criticism welcome! Let me know what you guys think? What’s your favorite idea?