Zones: Level Ranges?

So, I’ve seen pictures of the world map which showed different zones displaying more than one level/level ranges (i.e. “5-10” instead of “5”). I can’t seem to figure out how to achieve that myself, though. :see_no_evil:

Really, at this point I’d be eternally grateful to anyone helping me out :joy:

I don’t actually think it’s implemented. I’ve tried so many different ways and looked through the key binds but have failed to re-create. Not that it would matter, the players pathing is so strange that they go to the highest zone possible even if they are not the level for it. I have level 1s running to my lv5 zone immediately lol.

I actually asked on the Discord earlier and came here to close the topic: They temporarily took the feature out of the game because it didn’t work properly and I’m quite content with that. Not only can I stop feeling dumb now, it also means that it will (hopefully) work better once it’s put back into the game.

And, yes, sometimes the players make… interesting choices and you can’t persuade them to do anything else… xD

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