You should open a paid Alpha or something soon!

If you can’t already tell I’m dying to play this game. Since I saw it recently I absolutely want to play it soon! (I wont be able to play it all of next week cause of raid-days n stuff! ): )

A paid Alpha or something should be released, it benefits both the developers and the community in my opinion! Not only could you get qualitative feedback from the dedicated fans willing to play and test the game (You could host a survey, or a forum post for bugs and feedback!). We could also try out and play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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While i would love to play the game right now, i’d rather have him release the alpha when he thinks it has enough content to actually be playable.


same here. You only get one release and you want to make the best impression you possibly can. So as much as I really wanna play I’d rather wait awhile and have it come out in a more complete state than have it come out now and possibly anger alot of potential customers


…I can’t believe I missed this thread all this week!

It’s been kind of an absurdly busy week, and I guess I haven’t actually been to the site in a couple days, and apparently the forum isn’t emailing me automatically!

I think I’ve posted this before, but my feeling is that I’m not going to take money from anyone until I feel that the game is absolutely worth paying money for, and I don’t feel like it’s to that point yet. But it’s been getting a lot closer, lately. The big thing the game needs more than anything else is just more content right now, so it’s a matter of finding good artists (not a problem) who have some time to make models for me (seems to be more of a problem, right now, and for the last few months). I have a couple leads.

With all that said, I’ve traditionally brought new testers on at each milestone build. (I only bring on new people at the milestone builds because I typically only update the tutorial to be ‘correct’ for the current game rules right before doing a new milestone build; I don’t want to contaminate people’s experience of the game by having them first play it using a tutorial that tells them to do the wrong things!) If you’ve sent me a message, you should be added during the next milestone build; my inbox is the first thing I look through when looking for new testers. :slight_smile:


i cant wait for this game to be released. really looking forward to it

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