World So Cold (Rendering issue?)

Issue: World is completely black
Crash (y/n): No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Mac
Version number: 0.17.26
Description: Recently changed computers (although both are Mac computers). Loaded up an existing game on the other computer, but the world rendered very strangely. The game seems functional, but there is no rendered ground or water textures. I loaded other games using the same computer, with the same result.

What sort of Mac is this?

21.5inch iMac from mid-2011.

Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory: 8GB 1333 MHz

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB

I’ve seen this reported on a couple Macs. And I have access to a relatively recent MBP which has the problem, so I’ll be debugging it really soon!

Interestingly, all the computers with the problem have an AMD graphics card. I assume that the AMD driver doesn’t like something we’re doing with the terrain, or something.

I have an experimental fix for this issue up in a build on the ‘test’ beta branch on Steam!

If you right-click on the game in the Steam interface, choose ‘Properties’, and go to the ‘Betas’ tab, choose ‘test’ from the drop-down menu and let Steam update the build… hopefully that’ll sort out this issue!

If you get a chance to give it a try, please let me know whether it works for you!

The issue seems to be fixed in the test build!

Belatedly… just to close out the thread here (as we’ve been chatting elsewhere as well!), it’s all solved now! Thanks for reporting the problem, and then confirming that it’s now fixed!