Will we ever get an expansion on Ships? or new buildings?

I was wondering if there will ever be an expansion to ships? I really like the idea of having naval battles, or even naval zones, because while I really do love everything about the base game, it feels like you can only really create 1 type of MMO; a lot of people have suggested Sci-Fi buildings and I think after all the main updates are in, you could try and get your team to work on new buildings

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i like the idea, but with that you would also need different charakterparts etc

i dont like the idea of a too strong naval component. i love ships als transport.

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I think they will definitely add more themes to the buildings and possibly sci-fi, but I think the best hopes of a vast variety of buildings & decorations for a specific theme are when there is a steam workshop, then modders can really fill in the gaps for things like having a complete world tailored to a specific theme like sci-fi, without repeating the same buildings in every region

I’d definitely like to see the water to have it’s own mechanics like a ‘swim’ or just some way of it interacting with the players a little, it would be neat to have regions purely water if players could still quest and we can still make it feasible.

Thats fair, and I wasn’t imagining it to be to strong, I was mainly imagining a party or guild would get a ship which they can launch if enough are online, they will gather at the nearest dock, then go out and do ship combat which just gives them a lot of time to socialize with each other, and it makes the ocean more than just an expanse of nothing.