Will level capped subscribers continue to play? Grind, quest etc?

Just wondering because my subscribers is likely to hit level cap before I’ve finished my world so I’m wondering if I can have multiple zones for level 20 characters and they’ll just continue to do the content? Essentially acting a bit like an endgame content. Has anyone tried this?

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I have 20 zones as well and a lot of the players are now levels 19 and 20 but because I have made it difficult (EXP Wise) for them to level it will take them quite a very long time for 800 players to reach level 20. Since each zone can accommodate 800 players depending to how many level 20 players you have you can either wait for more players to hit level 20 or build another level 20 zone so your level 20 zones are joined and just let it be. As each zone’s bandwidth has a daily cost having unused zones will each through your finances but if you are flush with money i guess it becomes a case of who cares right!?