Will have PVP in the game?

Hello, i really like the ideia of the game and i’m very fan of mmorpg and tycoon games, but i’ve don’t seen nothing about PVP on the game news, and i think than pvp is one very important feature on mmos in general, and if there is will have things like arenas and ranked modes for players more competitive, also if the nefs and buffs will change the game meta, like world of warcraft for exemple. From what I saw in the screenshots, the game looks great!

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there is a pvp tech in the tech tree although at this time it isn’t implemented.

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It’s on my list for milestone 15, incidentally. So it should be there by the time we reach version 0.15.0.

It already works mechanically; the only thing missing is the AI code which would make players want to fight each other. (Similarly, players could attack NPCs if I wrote the AI code to make them want to do it. If we do WoW-like factions someday, you could theoretically wind up with half your players making raids on the other faction’s cities, or things like that. No immediate plans for that, though! That might be a post-release thing, if people have an interest in it.)

I guess I also need to figure out when players would be allowed to attack each other. MMORPGs have used a bunch of different systems for that. WoW has its factions, who on a PvP server can always attack each other, or on a normal (or RP) server can only attack people who have flagged themselves for combat (or been flagged by getting into combat with opposite-faction NPCs)… as well as arranged, consensual duels, where both players had to agree to fight before either could attack. Ultima Online and Eve Online had “everyone can attack anybody any time”, as I recall. And most other MMOs I’ve played just did consensual duels.

It seems like it’d be reasonable for people to want to run with any of those sets of rules. I guess I’ll need a user interface somewhere which lets people set the rules. Or maybe I make “Duels” one tech, and outright free “PVP” a different tech, so the whole thing just falls under the tech tree.

Anyway, worth noting that there’s also a “PVP” MMORPG type that you can select during your initial game creation. That game type will (once PVP AI has been written) start you with the PVP tech already unlocked. And probably fewer monsters available by default, or some other small penalty to compensate.


I’ve seen that you have implemented ratings in the character class, maybe it’s a good idea if players choose the best class for PVP or PVE, players who prefer to just do quests, killing monsters, complete dungeons, raids, etc…could choose PVE classes, and players who prefer PVP would choose classes most appropriate for arenas and duels.

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The GUI is now there to display class ratings, but the class ratings aren’t actually functional yet (that’s the very next thing on my list; it’s all wrapped up with reactions to nerfs/buffs and etc).

Right now, the combat system really isn’t designed to be deep enough to be notably different between PVE-focused classes and PVP-focused classes. (With that said, I’ll confess that I was never a PVP player; I was never entirely clear on the real differences between PVP-focused character builds and PVE ones, other than the PVP builds being more “optimal”, and generally dealing damage a bit faster. If somebody wants to explain the specifics to me, I’d be very interested to learn!)

I expect that the class rating categories will probably end up breaking down as “melee combat”, “long-range combat”, and “healer”, rather than PVE, PVP, and Raid, as happens in many real MMORPGs. But yes; ‘Killer’-type players will probably trend somewhat toward the higher-rated combat classes, and ‘Socialiser’-type players will probably slightly trend slightly toward the higher-rated ‘healer’ classes. That sort of thing.

Edit: Actually, I do recall that in Champions Online, it was generally believed that you had to have some sort of teleportation ability to be competitive in PVP combat, as teleporting would break your opponent’s selection on you, so they’d have to click on you again to retarget you. And because everybody had to have teleportation, you also needed to have an ability which would disable your opponent’s movement power (i.e.: teleportation), in order to prevent them from breaking your own targeting of them. It always seemed a little silly and like a broken design to me. I wonder whether it still works that way.