Wilderness Update and Dungeons Sneak Peek

We have a new update live; the Wilderness Update! We’re having a build competition in our discord to celebrate! Come show us your best nature-inspired build: MMORPG Tycoon 2

We also know this wasn’t the update you’ve all been patiently waiting for, so here’s a sneak peek at our very early dungeons build:


This looks so good, cant wait for dungeons!


Any secret passages?

What do you mean by passages?

Looks good! We know or at least we can imagine that the dev team is under pressure regarding the duengons update, will it be what we wish it to be, are there enough people left who are interested in it, just keep going guys, no pressure :smiley: I believe you are onto something great :ok_hand:

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Looks great! Can’t wait.

it looks amazing, thanks for the screenshots! good luck team, I’m looking forward to the update.

This looks incredible, keep up the great work!