Why I need to keep check cheaters in this position?

In this game, I like a game director, and decide how this MMO games keep going work, make the game more funny and get more player to join, so, in the game director position, check the cheater is not my job.

I know the cheat is common in MMO games and it is a important thing that make the players feel imbalance, get angry or the reason of unsub. I am so happy the game developer make this feature into this game, but I think the cheater checking, warning and ban action should be the GM job.

I think the flow should like that:

  1. Player report GM some players is cheating / GM daily check each region’s players
  2. GM check the target cheater and take the action by config setting (seems Speed Hack=warning, Duplication Exploits=ban)
  3. After GM action, report the developer to find the bug
  4. developer backlog flow
  5. bug fixed or fix failed
  6. if fixed fail, report to game director why the bugs happen and the reason of not fix
  7. game director get action in this time, may be need the director to remove some buildings, scenery or npc (or you can let the game director to fix the network lol)

I am so happy to buy this game and please make this game more fun and realistic
Thank you