Why are these buildings unpowered?

I have purchased a second region, and I have run some fiber and wan into the new region, and I have placed some buildings.
However, the buildings all blink red and show status “unpowered”
What does this mean? What am I missing to make them go?

I’m not sure what the issue is there; can you submit the save game so I can take a look at what’s going wrong myself? You can upload it using this “Submit file to devs” button in the game’s desktop interface.

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Thanks for the suggestion! That turned out to be simply having run out of bandwidth in the downlinks further down.
However, there is another one that behaves similarly, where I can’t figure out why it’s not getting bandwidth.

(BTW, Nvidia thinks your game is called “Base Profile” :smiley: )

I uploaded a copy of that save, too.

And here are a bunch of questions that might ease figuring out how this is supposed to work:

I’m assuming multiple cables in the same zone will help provide more bandwidth to the zone, is that wrong?

Also, these zones seemed like they didn’t get any bandwidth at all when I just ran straight cables through them in even stripes left to right. E g, how you’d run “water” in a game like “Cities Skylines.”

Do the junctions have some particular function, or are the zones supposed to pick up bandwidth from any nearby cable?

And do the zones pick a “favorite” cable and take all their bandwidth from there, and multiple cables don’t help?

And if so, why can’t even a single cable, hooked to a fiber hub, keep up?

So many questions!

I’ve been dealing with similar issues and have found that it is mostly from too many players in that area at once. You need to spread the content out more so players aren’t all concentrated in that one area. Adding wireless coverage over your pipe coverage can help, but you still have to balance your content availability. Once you have a couple thousand people in the same level range, they need multiple content areas to spread out into. You really need a second starting region early in the game…