Who needs anything else with you have PVP!

I was wondering if a PVP game would need anything else but the PVP option active so I created a PVP game, and placed the usual buildings down and added 1 NPC Quest Giver at the entrance to the zone to ask people to go to various building and return. That is the only NPC Quest Giver in the game. It was interesting to see everyone who entered the zone picked up these 5 quests, completed them and handed them in and then the preverbal heck broke loose.

Some people got into a group chat and most placed their flags down and let the PVP begin. Let me tell you that Respawn Point was really popular. (By the Way if you had a Free to Play and you could Activate PVP you could charge $1 for the Respawn Point charge and watch the money add up! It got so bad that the zone got overloaded and then all the PVP froze. You could still see two players at each flad dotted all across the map but they were just standing there not doing anything. Their start showed them as Dueling but no animation,

So yeah PVP is VERY POPULAR! Go figure!

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Just imagine a PvP only MMO when factions are added… The highest level characters would be made up of the best players with the most kills to their name. It’d be a fun experiment to try!

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Yup the users seem to just love PVP, you want to find out how, make an empty zone with NOTHING and watch them go nuts! I know Trevor is planning to implement an Arena but right now any way, if you don’t put anything down the entire zone becomes one huge arena!