White screen on MacBook Pro 13"

Issue: White screen
Crash (y/n): No, it doesn’t
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): I play on MacBook Pro 13-inch
Version number: v0.17.187
Description: At first I start the game. It runs normally but I change the video setting which is to turn off the bloom light and ambient, after I apply the game is not respond back, so I decided to stop it on steam and then start it again, but when I start the game again screen of the game was white, I can hear game music and UI can normally use because I exit the game by clicking the top-right corner of the window. So the question is how can I fix it? thank you.

Can you specify which model of MacBook Pro you’re using? Is it one of the new M1 macs, or one of the older Intel models?

Since you’re not getting any video output, we probably need to reset your preferences file (I guess somehow a setting is making things unhappy?) The easiest way to do this is to open a Terminal window (You’ll find it in Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app) and then entering this command:

open Library

This will open the (normally hidden) ‘Library’ directory in a finder window; this is the standard place for programs to save their user-provided data files, on Mac systems.

Inside there, open the folder “Application Support”, then “VectorStorm”, then “MMORPG Tycoon 2”. And in there, you’ll find two files: “mt2.prefs” and “vectorstorm.prefs” Those are where we store those preference values. If you just delete those (or rename them or move them elsewhere), your preferences will reset to default. This won’t remove your saves or anything else; it’ll just reset your video, audio, and control settings back to default.

Also in that same folder you’ll find a file named “log.txt”; it’d be fantastic if you could send me a copy of that file before you run the game again, so I can see what was going wrong; maybe I can get some clues from it about what the problem was!

My MacBook is a pro-13-inch, 2019, I didn’t do anything yet about the files, I want to tell you that I can’t send you a file( It’s only available for jpg, Jpeg, MP4, png, and gif ), so how can I send you a copy file before I delete those things which you told me.

Oh, sorry, I meant to mention that! Easiest thing is to send it in an email to support@mmorpgtycoon.com

Ok, I send you a file already and your method can fix it (Hooray!), thank you for your help

P.s. I tried to change the setting again and it appear the same problem (I already fixed it).

always support, thank you very much