What's your favourite MMORPG?

I reckon mine would have to be Guild Wars 2. That was the first MMORPG that really drew me in and kept me playing for a long amount of time. I’m usually an offline player, so I remember battling horrible lag thanks to Australia’s internet. However, I kept persisting because I loved the lore and continual character development. :heart:

How about you?


Tough question! Haven’t played any in a while, but at the moment I’d have to say Elder Scrolls Online, well, that’s the most recent one I’ve played (and probably dedicated the most time in learning builds). Although every year around Christmas I get this strange nostalgic craving to go back to World of Warcraft, so I resubscribe, grab my gifts from “Father Winter”, get hooked for a little bit, and forget about it for another year.

Some other MMO’s I’ve tried out:
Runescape: As a kid, this was the shizz.
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Played a couple times with an old friend.
Tera: Same deal, played it with a friend for a while.
Perfect World: Was addicted for a couple weeks. I really enjoyed the flying!
Lord of the Rings Online: Played it once, might give it another shot at some point.
DC Universe Online: Been addicted to this one on multiple occasions!
Orbus VR: I’ve taken part in every closed Alpha test. So much fun! It’s just so… SAO.

I’ve actually never played Guild Wars 2! I’ve heard it’s really good though. No Oceanic servers is a bummer, but probably for the best. Guess I’m afraid I’d get addicted.

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Runescape was one of my favourites as a kid too! I had so much fun even when I barely knew what I was doing. Haha.

And GW2 can definitely get addictive! If you do ever get into it, I’d suggest setting some time aside.


I have a couple big ones.

World of Warcraft, of course, was the first. Playing it when it was new was an experience; with Australia’s internet and its initial teething problems, there was usually a 4-6 second lag between giving a command and having it acted upon. I’ve had a subscription to World of Warcraft almost continuously since it was released, although I pretty much stopped playing it after the Northrend expansion (the name of which I’ve forgotten). These days, I mostly keep it around so that I can open it up once every few months, check how a piece of their UI works, and then log out and forget about it again.

I was a huge fan of City of Heroes, and somewhat less so of City of Villains. I don’t know; the whole villainous thing didn’t really do much for me. And my PC of the time had trouble with the higher system requirements. Although in fairness, I really spent more time in the character editor than actually playing the game.

After City of Heroes died, I really enjoyed Champions Online. Like City of Heroes, I spent more time in the character editor than in the game itself, but I did get one character almost to max level. (This is a pattern for lots of games, for me; I seem to spend silly amounts of time in the character editors, and less in the actual game. I suspect that at least half of my ~300 hours in Skyrim were spent in the character editor).

What else… um… I spent a few months poking around in Second Life. Earned the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars selling some animated virtual scenery there. Turns out that when you have a lot of experience working on low-end console games, it’s really easy to create scripted stuff in Second Life which people are willing to pay you for, and are surprised use as few server resources as they did. Drifted away when I decided that there just wasn’t enough of a game there for my tastes.

Um… anything else? I played Runescape precisely once, and have been being spammed by Funcom ever since. DC Universe Online seems better than Champions Online in almost every possible way except for its character editor, so I stopped playing it almost immediately to go back to CO.

Ive made several attempts to get into GW2. Friends keep telling me how awesome it is, and I just can’t seem to make myself push past the introductory areas. I’ll connect once every couple months and have another several gift boxes. I’ll confess I don’t have the slightest idea what to do with them! :smiley:


The only MMO i got really into is Archeage. I loved going out to the ocean with the guild. going out with 50 members and 10 galleons to fight the kraken or the other faction. and That the captain would actually give out orders like “raise the sails” or “Fire PortSide!”.
i remember doing trade runs with my cart and trade ship, and then i came accros a massive fleet of enemy’s and they began to chase me.luckily my guilds fleet saved me just in time and destroyed the enemy’s fleet.
Now every couple of months i get into it again and get addicted for the whole month.


The two that I enjoy and keep coming back to are Guild Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings Online.

My all time favourite was a little mmo that was ahead of its time and died to early Auto Assualt.

Oh I almost forgot Im really enjoying The elder scrolls online but I play that on ps4


I’ve played a lot of world of warcraft, was very addictive. I love the lore and the big map.


People give World Of Warcraft a lot of flack nowadays, possibly deserved considering it’s current state but it will always be one of my all-time favourite MMORPG’s, sadly I don’t really have much time for them anymore though :sweat: The only reason I still have a subscription to World Of Warcraft is because the Legion Raid-Team would fall apart without half decent management :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, World of Warcraft is my favourite! I wouldn’t recommend getting into it now, considering it’s state but I don’t regret playing it for all these years! :slight_smile: