What's new in the latest build?


0.15.40: Quality of Life

New in this build:

  • Fixed the UI theme in the NPC info window.
  • Version upgrade button modified to match the UI theme.
  • Converted all meters to a new ‘gradient’ style, instead of the skeuomorphic old ‘potion’ style.
  • Fixed dead monsters sometimes reappearing on the map after a load.
  • Most info windows now open near the cursor, instead of always appearing at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Fixed grass sometimes not being suppressed under roads or buildings when multiple roads or multiple buildings were placed close together over grass.
  • Monster zones now flash red when insufficient network bandwidth is available to them.
  • Fixed player-created combat ability costs/effects to be applied properly.

0.15.41: Actually the build before MS16

I’m really bad about releasing MS16! Apologies! Assuming no major calamities, MS16 will be exactly this build, and will be tomorrow.

New in this build:

  • When placing buildings, buildings no longer preview as placed on top of walls or on top of flight paths. They now preview as being placed on the ground underneath them!
  • Added some placeholder sound effects for the introductory title sequence, and also added some sound effects for UI interactions which were missing them.
  • Adjusted the main header’s meters to have a more useful scale for the “Players Connected” and “Subscribers” meters. “Players Connected” now has a maximum that matches your game’s total player capacity at the moment, and “Subscribers” now has a maximum that matches your next subscriber goal.

And that’s basically it! MS16 tomorrow; can’t wait! :smiley:

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0.16.1 : Destroying network objects

  • Fixed a bug which caused the ‘Destroy’ tool to fail to destroy network objects.

0.16.2: The Mac Build

This build fixes a whole bunch of issues in the OS X build. These include:

  1. Erratic cursor movement when using a touchpad.
  2. No visuals drawn to screen (only under 10.14, macOS Mojave)
  3. Not launching at all, due to a missing symlink in the distributed Steam build.

…actually, maybe those should be in the opposite order. Anyhow! Other fixes in this build (which affect all platforms) include:

  • Elite monsters can now be destroyed using any of “Destroy” tool present on most action bar tabs.
  • Fixes wall turrets vanishing at random as the camera moves around.
  • I think I’ve squashed a bug which could cause a crash when exiting to the main menu, if a network server had been placed and/or removed from the map. This one was hard to reproduce, but… I’ve simplified the code a lot and it ought to be okay now?

Now I’m going to take a day or two of break, and then back to features and quality of life improvements! :smiley:


0.16.3: The Other Mac Build

This build fixes one more big issue in the OS X build; a performance problem caused by a weird interaction between SDL and OS X Mojave. I’ve worked around this by building the game against MacOS SDK 10.9, which is pretty old, but also rock-stable!

This probably also means that the game will run on Macs not running the absolute latest system software, although I’ve not tested that. But it definitely makes it run smoothly again!

Other fixes in this build (which affect all platforms) include:

  • Network items now adjust their position when the terrain changes shape. (No more network items vanishing beneath the ground as it’s lifted, or left floating in the sky as it’s lowered!)
  • We now generate more appropriate quest names for quests which send players to kill elite monsters.

And that’s it! Now that the Mac build stuff is well and truly sorted out (I hope I hope I hope), I can get my focus back on the game itself, rather than the tech stack!


0.16.4: Clicking on things

This is a small update which just modifies how the cursor detects what objects it’s over, for all buildings and scenery items; we now actually test against the real renderable geometry, so it’s all pixel-exact. This fixes problems like being unable to select a player who is inside a graveyard (because the graveyard gets in the way), or being unable to select an object that’s underneath the canopy of a large tree.

I’m hoping that this more-accurate collision checking isn’t too much of a performance-hog! We’ll see what the testers think, running on a more diverse set of hardware than I have access to!