What's new in the latest build?


0.15.17: Oops.

Okay. 0.15.16 was silly; it wasn’t building the map at all; neither on the CPU nor on the GPU. Now fixed. Let’s all just pretend we didn’t see this little screw-up, okay? Thanks! :blush:

Apologies! It should be a proper test, now!


0.15.18: GPU Map Building, take 3

Bug fixes:

  • I think I fixed the bug which was causing some regions to load in looking like they were entirely filled with their fourth terrain type, until you edited them. (Or at least, that’s stopped happening for me on my laptop)
  • Fixed a crash if you selected a building tool and then clicked on the map before selecting a specific building type from the palette on the left side of the screen.
  • Destroying scenery or functional buildings now causes them to visibly de-rez, instead of simply vanishing. (This same fix still needs to be done for set dressing buildings).
  • Fixed overenthusiastic SSAO on terrain (when SSAO is enabled)


edit: oops, posted a little early! This build is still about five minutes away. Soon, soon!
edit, parte the second: And… now live on Steam! Thanks for your patience!

0.15.19: GPU Map Building, Parte the Fourth

The last thing:

  • Placing paths and network cables works again! I mean, technically it already worked in build 0.15.18, but it was failing inside any region which had either ‘mountain’ or ‘chasm’ as one of its terrain types, because the terrain data didn’t exist on the CPU, and so the computer just figured that there might be a mountain in the way, and refused to place paths or cables, just in case.

With that, I think GPU-based map building is pretty much set! There’s still some cleanup to do and some general optimisation (particularly of a couple stutters happening during the loading screen), but barring any major new bugs being discovered, my focus is now back on new game features! Woo!


0.15.20: Smooth map editing

I know I said that I was done with the GPU map updates, but I had just a couple more things I wanted to do before moving on.

The actual last things:

  • Smooth map editing! When editing the map, the map now smoothly morphs into its new shape, instead of “popping” into shape.
  • GPU Grass! Ground clutter like grass is now calculated on the GPU, just like the map itself. This has a whole bunch of benefits; grass now smoothly morphs along with the terrain, where previously it simply popped into a new position (and often moved into entirely new shapes and positions)
  • And… faster! Moving the grass generation to the GPU means that I don’t need to pull nearly as much data back to the CPU during terrain edits; we’re now pulling back only about 30% as much data as in build 0.15.19, which makes editing the terrain even faster than it was in the past few builds!

Bug fix:

  • Fixed a crash bug which could occur when loading or saving a game in which any subscribers had had particular thoughts. Big thanks to @yxxxx2003 for reporting it and providing a saved game that showed the problem!


0.15.21: TODO

New in this build:

  • Global TODO List! The game now provides a short list of tasks to do, in the top right corner of the screen. These are very simple goals to aim for; more subscribers, higher-level players and higher-level regions to support them, etc. There is no direct reward for meeting these goals yet, so don’t stress about them too much, but that’s coming!

Quality of life improvements!

  • Terrain brush improvements! Previously, when using the terrain type brush, the visualisation worked as if the brush was going to change things, even if you had the brush over the same terrain type as would be painted down. Now we disable that change visualisation when clicking the mouse wouldn’t actually lead to any changes!
  • More terrain brush improvements! Previously, placing mountains would often lift adjacent terrain enough that your cursor would drift over more terrain, and if the mouse was still down the mountain would spread to that new location. Now we only re-apply the terrain brush while the mouse is down if the cursor is moved a few pixels while the mouse is down.
  • Text floaters fade out again! Fixed a bug which caused text floaters to remain solid and just vanish suddenly, instead of fading out nicely over time.
  • Ambient occlusion flickering fixed! On some computers, there was some subtle (or not-so-subtle) flickering when SSAO was enabled in the video settings. This is now fixed!
  • Ambient occlusion on set dressing fixed! Set dressing buildings weren’t receiving ambient occlusion correctly. Now fixed!
  • In the Todo list, you’re now told to “set up” a new region, instead of being told to “setup” the region! That counts as a quality-of-life fix, right?
  • Terrain editing visual effect There’s now a visual effect that plays whenever the terrain changes! (due to terrain editing, map patches being applied, etc)
  • Lighting fixed in 3D UI views! Half the 3D UI views were backlighting their contents, which made characters and buildings in palettes appear quite dark; that’s now fixed, with lights moved around to the front!
  • Animated grass! Ground clutter is now subtly animated (mostly only visible when you zoom right down to ground level)
  • Finally fixed the Giant Triangular Shadow of Doom on the ocean, off the west side of the map! I don’t really have anything else to say here. There used to be a giant triangular shadow over there which wasn’t coming from anything, now that shadow isn’t there any more. Yay, shaders!

Anti-Quality of Life Changes

  • No longer gain 100 build points for setting up a new region! You now only gain a free 100 build points for the first region you set up, not for every region you set up; sorry for the nerf!


0.15.22: The bugfix version

This is just a very small update which fixes just one little crash bug:

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a crash which would occur whenever saving or loading a game which contains a quest that sends players to a potion shop or a loot shop.


0.15.23: Models and Models

New in this build:

  • Updated models! Every single character model in the game has been updated. Some of these are minor adjustments, some of them are major. (most notable updates: the bear, the mage, and the spider, each of which has been entirely rebuilt from scratch)
  • New models! There are a few entirely new character models; the wolf, the troll, and the probably-a-trademark-violation-and-needs-to-be-renamed blood elf.
  • Applying different skeletons to models now works properly! You can now, for example, take the ‘Paladin’ model and tell it to act as a quadruped, and all the animations work!

Also New in this Build:

  • Someday in the future, edit character colors! No UI has been built for this yet, but this build integrates the necessary rendering technology to change the colors of your characters. Expect that to be coming, soon!

NOTE: Because of the new character rendering technology and the new animation rigs, all of the characters in existing saved games have become invalid. When you load a saved game from an earlier build, it will reset each of your characters to the default character shape for whatever costume you most recently applied to them. This means your characters in old games won’t appear broken, but they’ll lose any customisations to individual body parts you may have made. Hopefully I shouldn’t need to do this again in the future!


Build 0.15.24 failed to upload to Steam. So we’re going to try again with version

0.15.25: The Atlantis Build


  • Lower map regions into the sea! (Or raise them back to the surface!) The eponymous feature of this build is a pair of new tools on the ‘Grid’ tab, which allow you to raise and lower regions from under the sea. Note that only inactive regions can be lowered! Right now, this functionality is completely free! Move terrain around as you like!
  • Smaller start! At the start of a new game, instead of beginning with the whole continent exposed, you begin with only three regions available. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of where you’re working! You can add extra regions as you need them. [1]

Other things new in this build:

  • Smaller, more numerous regions! In new games, we now generate regions as about 2.2 square kilometers in size, instead of about 4.0 square kilometers in size (although these do still vary a lot from game to game). This means that there tends to be more available regions on a map, and those regions tend to be a little bit smaller.
  • Woo, tails! We’ve added “Tail” as a new standard costume part. This isn’t yet editable, but tails are now animated, and it’ll soon be possible to attach a tail to any character type who doesn’t already have one, or swap or remove the tail for any character type who does.
  • Hope you like mushrooms! The giant mushroom scenery models have been replaced. The new models look better (IMHO), and are also substantially faster to render!
  • Mages with weapons! The mage now actually gets a visible weapon model, when weapons are acquired.
  • Updating region terrain! If you change a region’s assigned terrain types, those now visually update immediately! (This has been broken ever since the GPU-based terrain building functionality went in, in build 0.15.16)
  • Charge your subscribers for features! When you set a service price on a building type, that price now gets saved and restored correctly; previously, it got lost after a save/reload. (Setting a price for a service on an individual building has always worked)
  • No more grassy roads! Previously, if you laid a road through a desert or other grass-less terrain, a small amount of grass would be generated around the road. This is now fixed!
  • Ignore alerts! Fixed a crash which would happen if you quit the game while you had an alert details window still open on the screen.
  • Cursor stretch! Or rather, less stretch. The cursor now doesn’t stretch as far, when you’re making rapid cursor movements.
  • Fewer little mermaids! Added a layer of sea foam around coastlines. [2]

  1. I have plans for a meta-game structure around earning access to more regions. But for right now, they’re all available right from the start! ↩︎

  2. Am I monster? I feel like I might be a monster. ↩︎


0.15.26: New Game

  • Fixes a crash which could occur when creating a new game, if the game randomly happened to pre-generate certain models as the defaults for characters in the game.