What's new in the latest build?


This is the last new feature for the long-delayed Milestone 15 build. Over the coming week, I’ll be fixing any show-stopper bugs that folks find, bringing the tutorial up to date, and then we’ll be bringing in the next round of testers! Sorry this took so much longer than planned, but we’re nearly at the end! :smiley:

0.14.44: PVP

  • Subscribers can now fight each other! Once you’ve developed the PVP technology, you can enable subscribers to challenge each other to PVP duels.

Note that this doesn’t yet feel entirely right to me in the simulation; in my testing so far, subscribers seem to become more unhappy, when they’re engaging in PVP. The extra deaths are probably what’s causing that; maybe I need a special “duel defeat” state instead, which won’t penalise the user quite as badly as a real death does. Definitely interested in the thoughts of players!

Also note that if you’ve enabled PVP duels, it’s probably important to keep subscribers of different levels separated. Particularly when they’re unhappy, higher-level players will love to challenge lower-level players to duels, and we don’t do any level-scaling! This feature definitely needs some more balancing, but I wanted people to be able to play with it.

EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that the “duels” functionality is disabled by default, after you acquire the PVP technology (either by starting a PVP-type game, or by developing PVP by yourself). After developing PVP, you’ll need to go into the Game Overview dialog and over to the “Features” tab to actually turn it on. In an upcoming build I’ll fix this to make it turn on automatically!

  • More combat smarts! Players now try to keep further away from their enemies. If players have long-range attacks and are fighting someone with only melee attacks, for example, they’ll tend to kite their enemies, trying to stay out of the enemy’s combat range.

Note that if some of your classes have low-range attacks (melee warriors, for example), and some have long-range attacks (wizards with fireballs, for example), the wizards will probably have an easier time surviving in combat, now! That may start having an effect in your class FoTM rankings.

  • Activities attract different subscriber types! Some subscriber-interaction activities have been rebalanced for different subscriber types.

For example, Socialisers now enjoy socialising somewhat more than other types of player, and Killers now enjoy PVP somewhat more than other types of player.

  • “PVP”-type MMORPGs now get the PVP technology automatically from the start. No need to develop it separately, like everyone else!

If you have a saved game of PVP type, you will not automatically get the PVP technology, because of a silly bug in previous versions of the game which saved your game’s type as just “Player”, instead of “Player versus Player”, so you won’t be awarded the technology during the load. Sorry about that! This little perk will only affect new games.

  • Plus all the usual minor bug fixes!


Barring catastrophic bugs, this is the last build before the long-delayed Milestone 15 build, which I’ll put out toward the end of this weekend. Here’s the changelog:

0.14.45: Goodbye to Requests

Fantastic New Tutorial Stuff!

  • Tutorial Mk. II is now in place! This new tutorial system guides the player all the way from starting their first game to its release with a single starting area.

The previous tutorial system started with a strongly guided tutorial, but transitioned into an “Admin Requests” system, which gave the player tasks to complete in their own time. That system wasn’t discoverable enough, and people were having many problems with it, so I have removed it entirely.

The guided tutorial now takes new players right through to opening up their game to (AI) subscribers.

Startling Non-Tutorial Stuff!

  • New “TODO” System When turning on a new region, a group of goals is set for that region. Until those goals are met, they will appear in the HUD, and may be clicked upon to focus on the regions which need work done. Completing all of the “TODO” tasks rewards you with 100 build points!

These take up the space which used to be used by the Admin Requests request tracking system. Note that right now there are only a few, pretty trivial tasks being created; these will be filled out more in the very near future.

The 100 build point bonus means that it will now be much easier to skip the tutorial, since the ‘TODO’ items now all appear automatically when you acquire a region, and no longer care about whether you’ve fulfilled them before or after picking up the request.

  • More Scenery! Twenty new scenery models added, plus revisions to all existing scenery items!

Exciting Bug fixes!

  • Walls! Fixes the appearance of shadows on walls (when the camera is close to the ground), as well as their appearance during the load sequence. Additionally, wall turrets now draw correctly when walls are placed, instead of usually being invisible until a save/load cycle occurs.
  • Fewer crashes! Fixes a potential crash if an AI player decided to grief people by training a monster into a populated area, then that monster was destroyed somehow, and then that person decided to train another monster into a populated area.
  • Smoother coastlines, during loads! The appearance of the terrain during the load is now smoother, during the period before water appears.
  • Fixes gray player names! Fixed a bug which could cause player names to be drawn in a pale gray, if an online player in view is consulting an online guide to the game.

Edit: Other hugely important stuff I forgot to mention!

  • Network cables can now hold approximately twice as much bandwidth as before (0.3 / 20m -> 0.5 / 20m), and transmit that bandwidth twice as quickly. Network fiber still holds more and transmits bandwidth faster, but cables are now much better able to supply bandwidth to an area than before. (So you don’t have to use WANs for everything any more!)
  • Network pipes (cables/fibers) can now only be laid starting from a node or from a pipe; you can’t just lay them in the middle of nowhere, unattached to anything. This should keep people from missing what they were trying to click on, and winding up with pointless, disconnected pipes.

Further edit: Even more important stuff I forgot to mention!

(It’s almost like I shouldn’t be posting changelogs when I’m sleepy!)

  • Subscribers don’t need glasses! Subscribers’ vision range increased from 100m to 200m; this means they can see (and consider visiting) buildings from much further away!
  • Subscribers set homes again! Fixed a bug which had broken subscribers’ desire to set a home, but not their anger at not having a home (i.e.: they didn’t want to bother to set a home even if one was available, but were still very very angry about not having a home. In one of my test games, I ended up with about half of my subscribers throwing tantrums just because of this.)
  • Subscribers are no longer claustrophobic! Also fixed a bug which caused subscribers to consider all buildings to be far more dangerous than they actually were, which made them less likely to enter buildings, just in general.


Okay, this build is going out for last-minute testing; if no showstopper bugs are reported to me in the next 24 hours, this build will become MS15 tomorrow. :slight_smile:

0.14.46: Last-minute tweaks

  • Several adjustments to the tutorial script, based upon a few people’s feedback.
  • Ground clutter (grass, mostly) is no longer affected by SSAO. I mean, if you have SSAO turned on.
  • Fixed network connection visualisations being hidden after a load.


0.15.0-rc.1: Build Servers Can Have Bugs, Too

So… uh… this was supposed to be build 0.15.0, but due to a bug in my build configuration, it’s showing up as 0.15.0-rc.1. Oops! I’ll have to fix that before milestone 16!

Regardless, this is the official Milestone 15 build. There are no changes in it since 0.14.46. Mails have gone out to the list of testers. If I’ve told you that you were on the Milestone 15 tester list and didn’t receive an email from me within the last hour, please send me a private message here and we’ll sort it out! :slight_smile:


0.15.1: The Obscure Crashes Build

As a reminder for our new testers, the game shows its version number at the top right corner of the title screen. If your game isn’t updating from 0.15.0, you probably forgot to switch the game to the “test” branch! Check your email from me for directions about how to get onto the “test” branch so you get all the in-between-milestones builds!

Look, crash fixes!

  • Placing short network cables! This was by far the most commonly reported crash. It was surprisingly easy to make happen; create a network cable that was 100m long or less, and it would crash. This is now fixed![1]
  • Viewing a monster’s information screen while deleting the zone it lives in! Reported just once. It’s now safe to have a monster selected while deleting zones!
  • Setting an empty string as your game’s price! Reported just once. Now if you delete all the text out of an edit box and don’t replace it with anything, it returns to its previous value, instead of setting an empty string.

Also, other improvements!

  • Shorter network cables! Minimum network cable length has been reduced from 100m to 50m.
  • Network cable tool now tries to extend the cable up to the minimum length. If you’ve moved the mouse cursor to a position less than 50m from the cable’s starting point, we extend the cable through the cursor, to a length of 50m. [2]
  • Any type of Elite monster can now be placed. Previously, it always created the first monster type, instead of using the type the player selected from the menu. Now fixed!
  • When using drag-placement, NPCs and Elite monsters now face the correct direction! When using drag-placement to set an orientation on NPCs and Elite Monsters, they now correctly face toward the cursor, rather than away from it. Not that it really matters, since they start wandering around almost immediately, but it had been annoying me. More important than that, though:
  • When using drag-placement, Elite Monsters now spawn in the correct position! When using drag-placement to set an orientation on Elite Monsters, they now correctly spawn where you initially clicked the mouse button, not where you released it.

  1. Technically, when the cable was this short, the game was snapping the cable’s ends together, and the game wasn’t able to cope with the resulting zero-length cable. Now we handle that case and prevent you from creating a too-short cable. ↩︎

  2. The idea behind this change is to show that network cable isn’t meant to be connected separately to each building; the cable just needs to be nearby, so we don’t let people be too precise with it. ↩︎


0.15.2: Bits and Pieces

More bug fixes!

  • Bugs aren’t expensive! “There are too many bugs here” thoughts were mistakenly being saved as “I can’t afford this” thoughts. This build fixes that issue, and corrects the problem in saved games from previous versions.
  • Fighting Fractions! When accepting proposed character buffs/nerfs from your employees (as opposed to making the changes yourself, manually), the game was incorrectly rounding off the final ability values to the nearest integer, instead of using decimal places. Now fixed!
  • But I’ve already released this! Fixed a bug which could result in your build version number dropping to 0.0.100 after a load, which could prevent you from ever gaining another major or minor version number. This is now fixed, and saved games affected by this bug are automatically bumped to version 1.0.0, so they can get back to playing normally.
  • Tentative fix for shutdown crash I’ve had a few crash reports during game shutdown, all pointing toward the interface for editing character abilities. I haven’t been able to reproduce that crash myself, but I’ve taken a wild guess about what the problem is, and tried patching it. Hopefully that crash goes away now!
  • Tentative fix for PVP crash Similarly, I’ve had a few crash reports involving a player trying to engage in PVP. I haven’t had any luck at reproducing them, but I’ve taken a wild guess about what the problem is, and patched it. Hopefully this crash also goes away, now!

Quality-of-Life updates

  • Why can’t I put my house here?? If a cursor tool is going to refuse to activate, it now displays the reason why it refuses to activate. This text string replaces the cost which would otherwise be displayed.
  • Shortcuts through Time. There are now keyboard shortcuts for changing the game’s time speed setting. By default, these are F1 -> F4 for pause, normal, fast, and fastest, but these functions can be remapped in the options menu, if desired.


0.15.3: Togglin’ Modes

  • This is just a quick bugfix build, which fixes some video problems the first time you swap between fullscreen and window video modes, or if you were launching straight into fullscreen.


0.15.4: A Rose By Any Other


  • Regions! Procedural naming for regions has been modified for the first time since the original MMORPG Tycoon 1! Names are now a bit closer to actual MMO region names, I think? (caveat: only affects MMOs created in this build or later; saved games from earlier builds will keep their existing region names)
  • Regions again! It’s now possible to change the procedurally-generated region names! Do it from the region information window, when you have selected a region.
  • Character names! It’s also now possible for you to rename your players’ characters![1] Do this from the player information window, when you have selected a character.

Quality-of-Life updates

  • New layout for the Region info window, and its first tab page. (There’s a lot more work still to be done here, but it’s a lot better than it was in previous builds!)
  • Selecting a region now automatically opens its info window instead of the old selection header, just like selecting other objects!
  • Pressing the ‘escape’ key while editing in a text edit box will now undo any text changes and abort editing. (Previously, ‘escape’ was ignored)
  • A whole bunch more fixes to screen resolution changing!

  1. They might not appreciate this, though. ↩︎


0.15.5: A Little Bit Of Stick

I wish I could do this with the dwarves in my fortress:

  • Issue official warnings! Do you have misbehaving players?[1] Now you can issue them with official warnings to make them behave better. Players who are cheating will stop cheating. Players who are throwing a tantrum will stop. Even players who are toxic will stop misbehaving for a while (but will still be toxic).
  • Wield the banhammer! Have a problem player who just won’t behave no matter how many times you’ve given them an official warning? Now you can lower the boom and get rid of them for good![2]

An End to Groundhog Day:

  • Only do the tutorial once! In v0.15.0’s new tutorial, I broke the thing which tracked whether or not you had already done the tutorial, so all the new MS15 testers were forced to run through the whole tutorial right from the start every time they started a new game. Sorry about that! That’s now fixed.[3]

Tantrum AI:

  • Recovery is now possible! Subscribers can now (sometimes) recover from their “frusterated” and “tantrum” states without logging out, if enough happy things happen to them.

Subscribers still reset their “frusterated” and “tantrum” states after logging out for the day. The “toxic” state is still permanent.

Interface stuff:

  • Know who you’re killing! When you’re directly interacting with players (using the ‘kill’, ‘heal’, ‘revive’, ‘warn’, or ‘ban’ commands), the players now highlight on mouseover, so you can tell precisely who your powers will be affecting!
  • Are You Absolutely Sure? When destroying an object, killing a player, delivering a warning or a ban, or other potentially destructive actions, there is now a charge-up bar to perform the action. Instead of just clicking the mouse button once, you must now click and hold the mouse button down for about a second while the bar fills, to confirm that you actually want to destroy the object/ban the player/etc. Releasing the mouse before the bar completely fills cancels the action.

No Big Deal

  • Slightly faster loads! Some of the game world generation logic has been rewritten to occur on the GPU, instead of on the CPU. This saves a second or two on the loading screen. NBD.

  1. You do. Trust me. ↩︎

  2. They will stop paying their subscription fees, though… so… are they really causing all that much harm, really? ↩︎

  3. You’ll need to complete the tutorial one more time, so we can flag that you’ve done it. Apologies again! If you have a saved game from the middle of a tutorial, you can load that old saved game in order to complete it. ↩︎


0.15.6: This one’s for you, @yxxxx2003

This one is just a small patch to try to get more information in a particular crash that I can’t seem to reproduce. Here are the changes:

  • Substantially more information written into the log, in the case that shader linking fails.
  • The on-screen display of the crash reporter now truncates the visible part of the log to 200 lines; that should be enough to see all the major information. (This works around a performance issue if it was going to be displaying log data that was tens of thousands of lines long)
  • Fixed the crash reporter to not scale text to make it fit on screen; long log lines will now extend off the right side of the screen, instead of scaling down the text. This makes the data to be sent a whole heap more legible.
  • Keyboard bindings now respect modifier keys. For example, I usually have Meta+1 through Meta+9 mapped to swap between different desktops. If I had MT2 running on desktop 1 and swapped to it using Meta+1, MT2 would notice that I had pressed ‘1’, and would activate something from the action bar. Now it instead notices that Meta is down, and no longer activates the 1 action.[1]

Also, I just learned that these forums support <kbd>key<\kbd> markup! I’m going to be totally unbearable with that, now. :smiley:

  1. ‘Meta’ is the key next to ‘alt’ on your keyboard. On Windows machines it typically appears as ⊞ Win. On OSX it’s . And on Linux, it’s typically completely blank because Linux users love their blank keyboards, amirite? ↩︎


0.15.7: It’s Been a Long Time Coming

The Single Most-Requested Feature From MMORPG Tycoon 1

  • See where common thoughts/complaints are coming from! There’s now a tool which shows you where on the map thoughts are occurring.

I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to implement this! This is really a first-pass at the feature, and I imagine now that I have this working, people are going to want to have this sort of ability for all sorts of other pieces of information. Deaths, level-ups, happiness levels, etc. Hit me up and let me know what extra information you’d like to have visible directly on the map, and I’ll see what I can do!

Right now, you can only select the five most common thoughts, and see where they were occurring. I need to work out a better interface for selecting what to show!

Things Which Were Never Requested In MMORPG Tycoon 1

  • Lock your caps! Keyboard input now only considers control and alt modifiers to be part of keybinds; it no longer suppresses input when caps lock or num lock or shift or other modifiers are down.
  • Rare crash fix! If you had PVP duels enabled in your game, there was a potential crash if someone gave up on waiting for someone to fight them at exactly the same moment that someone decided to fight them. Now fixed!
  • No more spooky frozen characters! There was a bug which caused subscribers sometimes not to logout before unsubscribing, which could result in their avatars hanging around, frozen and non-animated for a few minutes before the game noticed they’d unsubscribed and removed them. Oops! Now they always log out before unsubscribing.
  • Less subscription income! Hooray! Players were incorrectly paying a month’s worth of subscription cost each day, before; oops! As a first baby step toward correcting this, I have redefined a “month” as being five days, so income from subscription fees will now be approximately one fifth it was in previous versions. (note that subscription fees are currently paid daily, pro-rated)


0.15.8: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

  • Maps! As an experimental change, subscribers now magically know what regions are what level, and where to find inns in each region. Headcanon this as your game having an in-game map that shows some basics about where to find things.

This solves a bunch of initially-bizarre-seeming player behaviours, most notably, players will no longer travel into regions that are too high-level for them unless they have a really solid reason to do so, since they already know that the region is too high-level.

  • Avoid crowds! Players now know if their current region is overcrowded (and an adjacent region is not), and will tend to migrate into the less-crowded region. This makes it a lot easier to cope with over-full regions; just open another region of the same level nearby, and users will tend to move over into that other region!

  • Finding homes! Players will no longer immediately logout if they have no home set and they run out of time to play, if there exist inns in the region where they currently are. In that case, they’ll first go to an inn to set it as a home, and then logout. This solves the issue of players sometimes vanishing immediately after travelling into a new region.

  • Multi-level region viability Buildings in multi-level regions are now appropriate for ALL levels of that region. For example, if you have a level 1-5 region, any player of level 1-5 can make their home in any inn in that region. The same is true of weapon shops, and so on.

  • NPC levels. You can now adjust Quest-Giver NPC levels up and down (within the limits of the region in which they’re playing). Players will pick up quests from any Quest-Giver they see, but will only actually work on quests equal to the player’s current level.

  • LogOut notifications! If a player chooses to log out when not inside their home, they’ll show a “LOGOUT” notification. This should make it easier to understand if someone does log out in the middle of nowhere for some reason!

  • GUI updates If the user changes a class name or costume, the models visible in the Design window and elsewhere now update instantly!

  • Zone updates Monster zones now change their color smoothly (and in a much less computationally expensive way) when selected. Additionally, they now highlight if a tool (such as the ‘Destroy’ tool) is going to act upon them, the same way other game objects do.

  • Destruction bar now works on paths and zones! The Destruction tool’s progress bar now gets placed in a useful manner on paths and zones. (Previously, it appeared at the southwest corner of the world, where you almost certainly weren’t looking!)

  • Changing region level now updates monster zones! Previously, monster zones remained whatever level they had been configured to be, even if you changed the region’s minimum or maximum levels; now the monster zone automatically keeps its level between the region’s minimum and maximum.


0.15.9: The coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest build

Apologies for the long delay for this build! I was mildly delirious with an intense flu for about one week out of the last three, and have been only slowly recovering. But I finally managed to connect up all the various pieces of the new ‘loan’ system today, and so wanted to push this build out; it’s been way too long since we had an update!


  • Pay off your startup loan! It’s now possible to pay off your starting loan, which means that you can stop paying those daily interest payments. You can do this from the “Loans” tab on the game overview report[1].
  • Need another loan? After you’ve paid off your startup loan, you can take out new loans! Currently there are three types of loan on offer which become available as you gain more players[2]. Note that unlike the “starter” loan, you’re expected to pay off these loans in a timely manner; you’ll have to pay both interest plus part of the loan principal every day, so the loan will automatically be fully paid off at the end of the loan’s term. (Note that you can manually pay these loans off at any time, which will avoid interest charges)
  • Subscriptions are now monthly! Previously, we pro-rated people’s subscription costs and had them pay 1/30th of their subscription cost per day, so subscription fees would trickle in right from the start. Now, we instead track on which day of the month each subscriber joined, and charge them their full subscription fee each month after that.[3]

In 0.15.8 we didn’t keep track of what day each subscriber joined on, so when loading a saved game from 0.15.8 or earlier, we treat all subscribers as having joined on day 1 of month 1. Note that adding “months” to our timing system will probably have broken some informational displays somewhere. Please let me know if you spot anything behaving oddly!

Miscellaneous Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed save/load of customised costumes! If you’d edited individual class/monster/npc costumes in a previous build, they’d be lost after a save/load cycle[4]. That is now fixed!
  • Slicker User Interface! I’ve added a few subtle elements to our UI items, most notably a little extra motion to the rez in/out effect, and a subtle vignette effect on windows, to make them feel a little bit less flat. You almost certainly won’t notice this, but it does make them feel nicer, I think.
  • Change video settings after a window resize! Fixed a bug which caused the game to render incorrectly if you changed visual quality settings after having resized the window. (only happened whilst running in a window, not when fullscreen or in a fullscreen window)
  • Overview report is wider! Okay, this is by far the most exciting and controversial element in this changelist; the overview report has been widened from 600 pixels -> 680 pixels wide! That’s almost 80 extra pixels of Overview data! This gives the ‘Awards’ tab a little breathing room, and gives the Loans page enough space to display up to three available loans simultaneously. Don’t @ me.
  • Terrain mottling! Adds some very slight terrain color mottling, just to add a little visual interest. This is really, really subtle right now, and is absolutely guaranteed to change in upcoming builds. (Also, it’s 100% random right now and will not mottle the same way across save/load cycles)
  • Achievements! Brings back the “Test Achievement” buttons on the title screen. There’s a “Grant Achievement” button which awards a test achievement, and a “Revoke Achievements” button which clears all game achievements, so you can earn them over and over and over again, if desired.[5]
  • …plus a few miscellaneous stability fixes (which nobody had ever reported).

  1. There’s a new Steam achievement for paying off this loan! ↩︎

  2. You’ll probably only open up the first loan, right now; you’ll need at least 7500 subscribers to become eligible for the second, and even then there are a few other requirements. ↩︎

  3. We treat every month as having 30 days. ↩︎

  4. Actually, the game incorrectly thought the loaded costumes were invalid, and was trying to be helpful by automatically replacing the loaded costume with a generic one. Unhelpful! ↩︎

  5. Right now, there are only two achievements in the game: The ‘Test Achievement’, and the achievement for paying off your starting loan. More will be coming in the near future, though! ↩︎


0.15.10: Go Speed Racer, Go!

This build is almost all about rendering speed. I’m hopeful that this will lower our effective “minimum spec” hardware, and also that it will allow people to turn back on visual effects which they might have previously disabled for speed reasons. I’m definitely interested in hearing feedback about this! Hit me up in the Discord, or post something here in the forums!


  • Faster rendering! Rendering has been optimised, which should make almost everything draw faster, regardless of what video settings you have active![1]
  • Less VRAM usage! We’re now using about half the video RAM we used before! Visuals should be identical to before (unless I’ve missed something. Let me know if you see anything misbehaving in this build!)
  • Loading speed! Loading saved games is now a very very small amount faster (about 5% faster). But hey, it’s better than nothing, right? :slight_smile:

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Tickets handled today! The “Tickets handled today” GM statistic is now updated when GMs complete work on a trouble ticket. Previously, it always showed 0, regardless of how much work your GMs were doing!
  • Return of the info box for network nodes In 0.15.9, a bug was introduced which caused there to be no information about network nodes when you selected them (WIFI points, uplinks, etc). This has been fixed!
  • Destruction confirmation for network pipes! When the confirmation bar was added, I forgot to configure it to work for network pipes (cables and fiber). Now it works for them the same way it does for roads and other destroyable game objects.
  • Overloaded regions now have darker red mountains! Those bright red mountains always hurt my eyes. Now they’re a deeper red which is still quite visible, but is a little less eye-watering to look at.

  1. On my desktop computer, even when running a non-optimized debug build of the game and with all graphic options enabled and running the game fullscreen (1920x1200 resolution), I now hold 60fps even in a complicated game with lots of logged-in subscribers. And it’s even faster than that in the optimized builds that get uploaded to Steam. ↩︎


0.15.11 : Light on Water

This is a quick bugfix build; all it does is fix a shader bug which was ignored by some (most?) video cards/drivers, but caused other cards/drivers to not render water at all.

Also, I made shadows visibly fall on water. So… not entirely just a bug-fix build.

But still mostly bug-fix.

(Thanks to @yxxxx2003 for reminding me about this bug!)


0.15.12 : More illnesses

It’s been nearly a month since the last update! Apologies for the long delay; between another major illness and some side projects taking up silly amounts of time, things were really slow for a while! Getting back on track, now, though!


  • Non-combat quests have more requirements! Quests that send players to an inn also require the players to set their home to that inn. Quests that send players to a weapon shop also require players to actually purchase a weapon there. Quests that send players to regular shops require players to actually buy or sell loot there.[1]

Logging out

  • Players change homes When logging out, players now consider traveling to any nearby inn, instead of always traveling to their registered home. If they log out from a different inn than their usual inn, they may set the new inn as their new home.


  • Fixes a crash if the number of different thought types in the thought viewer increased, while the thought viewer was open.
  • Fixes a crash if a griefer decided to try to lure monsters into other players, to try to get those players killed, but was unable to find a monster to lure.

  1. Players must pay any configured prices in order to complete these quest actions. If you’ve configured purchasing a weapon to cost one gold, then the player will have to spend one gold to purchase a weapon to complete the quest. Note that players may be willing to pay higher prices, when they have a quest telling them to do it. ↩︎


0.15.13 : Potions!


  • Place potion shops! Potion shops sell (for a configurable price) packs of potions. Potions can then be used by players to recover health or other attributes, when in danger.[1] Players can carry up to five potions at a time. In combat, you can see players use their potions via a green flash and particles.
  • Potion quests Quests can direct players to potion shops, and require them to restock their potions. Useful, if your players haven’t noticed your potion shops, or if you want to earn some money from real-money potion purchases.

Quality of life changes

  • Press space bar to toggle pause simulation! I’m embarrassed by this one; I did 90% of the work for this months ago, and then promptly forgot about it. It’s working now, though!
  • Fighting players are now less twitchy! Previously, players in combat (especially melee combat) would often display little animation glitches in between attacks. These have now been (mostly) fixed!

Note: This looks like a small update, but there’s actually a surprising amount of new stuff going on behind the scenes, including a rewritten particle system (being used for the potion particles, amongst other things), and some new rendering functionality, being used for the potion shop itself.

  1. Note that players need to realise that they’re in danger and be able to react quickly enough, to use a potion. Players can still potentially be killed while carrying potions if they’re really overwhelmed quickly, or if an opponent has an absurdly powerful attack! ↩︎




  • Our three different “shop” types have been merged together into a single “Shops” placement button.
  • All building placement buttons now open a “palette”, where the specific building to be placed may be selected.
  • Adds a “mega-tooltip” when mousing over buildings in the building palette; this tooltip says a few words about a building’s functions, and shows some information, along with a bigger view of the building.
  • Adds a new “Small Inn” building, which is smaller and cheaper than the regular inn, but can’t hold as many subscribers. This is really just proof of concept for right now; I’m not convinced that it’s balanced such that it would ever be advantageous to place it.

Quality of life

  • Fixes a very rare shutdown crash bug[1]
  • Fixes several tiny memory leaks (to the tune of about 1kb per game load)
  • 3D views in UI elements are now drawn with antialiasing, if you have SMAA antialiasing enabled in the options window. (Previously, these views would use antialiasing only if you had MSAA antialiasing enabled)
  • Minor tweaks to the visual effect used when a window is closing.

  1. This crash occurred during shutdown if you had placed a network fiber traveling from one region to another, only if it was placed in one particular direction (which direction varied, depending upon the regions), and only if it wasn’t the first network object to be placed in the destination region. Now fixed. ↩︎


0.15.15: The Calm Before The Storm

This build has some little bugfixes in it. I wanted to put this out before the next build, which will contain the scary new feature: GPU-based map building, which dramatically speeds up terrain editing and the game’s initial load, so I have a safe point to back up to if the GPU-based map building goes frightfully wrong for everyone.

Bug fixes:

  • Load ancient save files again! There was a bug which caused a crash when loading save files from builds before 0.12.34, when the current game time was added to the save files. Now, if loading such an old file, we assume that it’s currently midnight on the first day.
  • Tutorial is completable again! Updated the tutorial script to reference the new building placement interface, so it’s once again possible to successfully complete the tutorial.
  • Bartle types! Subscribers have always been classified according to a slightly modified version of the Bartle Taxonomy of Player Types; you’ve been able to see breakdowns of this in the MMORPG Overview report, for example, and they have affected individual subscribers’ AI forever. But until now, you could never see which type each individual subscriber was. Now this shows up in the player information window when you select a player, so you can yell at the screen, demanding how it could possibly make sense for your problematic toxic subscriber to be a ‘Socialiser’ type; shouldn’t that Bartle type be exclusively goodness and light?[1]
  • Less Glitchy SSAO Tweaked the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion shader a lot, to make it much less glitchy on terrain (it was particularly problematic when viewed from a moderate distance)
  • Fixed potion shop’s ‘service’ string. Previously, the potion shop’s information box claimed that it provided a starting point for new players. Untrue! Actually, potion shops sell potions to players, which help them in combat.

And that’s it! See you again very soon, for the actually-exciting new build!

  1. Hint: no. ↩︎


0.15.16: The Long-Awaited GPU Build

There is only one new thing in this build. I’ve been working on it pretty much solidly for well over two weeks, but it’s finally here:

The One New Thing:

  • The game map now gets built on the GPU! Dramatically faster loading and terrain editing!

What this means for you:

  • If you’re like me and have a spiffy i7 computer with lots of fast CPU cores, the map will get built a second or two faster during the load, and the stutter that happened when editing the terrain is now a thing of the past. That’s nice, but probably nothing to jump up and down about, particularly (unless you’re me and jump in and out of the game a hundred times per day; those seconds add up quickly!)
  • If you have an i5 computer with a smaller number of CPU cores, this is going to be a much bigger speed boost for you, both for the game load time and for the speed of terrain editing.

What I have no clue about is how this is going to affect people using integrated graphics cards, and people on lower-end computers.

I’d be very interested to hear about what performance is like for you!

As terrain building is now happening as part of the rendering process, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are a couple new stutters during the loading sequence (there’s a lot of drawing required to prepare the map data!), but I don’t know how bad they’ll be for most folks. It’ll be good to hear about people’s experiences!