What's new in the latest build?


New in this build:

  • Updated translations!
  • Fixes the “trying to set path secondregion to the same as first region” error which could occur a little while later if you clicked on the raven placement tool again while in the middle of placing a raven flight path. (I was receiving about two reports of this per week)
  • Fixes a crash if you banned the VIP streamer while they were streaming. You monster.
  • Slightly wider spacing on the ‘TODO’ items in the HUD, so they aren’t quite as mashed up into each other as before.
  • Fixes a bunch of broken tooltip localisations and help texts.
  • “Zone Information Window” (used for monster zones) now goes through the localisation system; I almost never look at this one and hadn’t realised I’d missed it in the first localisation pass!
  • Fixes placement of the ‘precise’ placement menu when UIScale is set to a value > 100.
  • Players who are stuck due to a bug are now indicated with a little icon of a bug, instead of having a confusing red cube floating over their heads.
  • Changed formatting of negative dollar amounts from ($amount) to -$amount.

…and a bunch of other more minor fixes and adjustments! Getting really close to calling the basic localisation support work finished!

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New in this build:

  • Language selection has been moved from a ‘Debug’ tab on the options window to the main tab. Additionally, a new “Use Steam Selection” option has been added (default), which sets the game to whatever language Steam tells us to use. Additionally, we now save the language you’ve selected.
  • Flight paths now correctly charge for use, and track the number of players who use them.
  • Fixes placement of ‘precise’ interface when UIScale is set to high values.

…and a bunch of other minor bug fixes and improvements, including a whole bunch more localisation of messages I’d missed before!

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  • Number formatting is now localisable separately from language.
  • Currency symbol is now localisable separately from language.
  • Allow UI scaling down to 50%, for folks on low resolutions.
  • Adjusted the sizing of a whole bunch of UI elements, to make longer translated strings fit more easily.
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…I’ve apparently been forgetting to post updates!

So I’ll post a quick catch-up:

0.17.93 - 0.17.99

  • Adds screensaver to the Desktop interface
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed NPCs being set as the wrong level. (They should be +10 levels compared to the regions they’re in)
  • Fixed drawing of indicators on old-style color pickers.
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0.17.100 : Text!

New in this build:

  • Integrated a brand new text rendering tech which looks heaps sharper and gives us a whole bunch of other cool new features (only some of which we’re using so far)
  • Adds new in-game translations: Czech, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

…and that’s actually all. It’s taken me about a week to put this all together, but actually that’s all that’s changed; integrating the new rendering tech and adding the new languages.

Note that the Simplified Chinese glyphs and the Cyrillic glyphs are only visible when you’re set to Simplified Chinese or Russian, respectively, as they’re using special fonts which aren’t available in our normal in-game fonts. I should really find a better solution for this, but this will do for the moment and hopefully should be okay for the vast majority of players!

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Quick hotfix for a bug which was causing some of the new text shaders to fail to work on AMD GPUs. Should be all good, now!

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0.17.102: (about a week ago; oops!)

  • Updated Chinese fonts to include curly quotes, which the translators are very fond of using. :slight_smile:
  • Fixed string size queries to work properly for multiline strings. This fixed some long strings being squeezed down into the height of a single line of text (most notably things like the descriptions of different MMO types, during the new game flow)
  • Some fixes in text editing to cope with strings we didn’t have glyphs for in the current font.
  • Fixes error messages on NPC placement tools.


  • Fixes string sizing code to work more accurately for non-wrapping strings.
  • Fixes the display of strings which don’t draw using full saturation. Text was being drawn in linear color, instead of SRGB, which means that if it wasn’t full brightness (as happened on headings in the ability editing interface and a few other spots), then it was drawn much much darker than it should have been.
  • Removed a spurious box that was being drawn on the model editor page.
  • Fixes the model editor piece previous buttons being drawn at approximately half resolution, the first time the model editor is opened.
  • Adds a visible “Paused” on-screen indicator, to make it harder to overlook the fact that the game is paused. This indicator can be disabled in the game settings, but it defaults to being shown.
  • Fixes a very rare shutdown crash and a few memory leaks in the new text rendering.
  • Adds some extra sanity checking for our accelerated “How many subscribers are online right now” checks; have had a couple crash reports pointing at it that system in the most recent builds, and this ought to fix those.
  • Fixes default selection cursor being unable to click on things behind flight paths. This was especially a problem when in a view where flight paths were hidden, so you didn’t have any clue why you weren’t able to click on that character or building. Now the cursor collision passes straight through flight paths to let you click on the things that are underneath. (flight paths have never been selectable, so this doesn’t change behaviour in any way other than making it possible to click on things again, in that case)


Very minor update, this one; just clearing the way for the next (much bigger) update. :slight_smile:

  • Desktop screensaver is now silent.
  • Extra safety checks around subscriber count.
  • Updated translation strings for all languages.

0.17.105 (about 30 minutes later):

  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to pick the wrong font if you set Steam to play the game in Simplified Chinese, and set the game to use the language set within Steam. (it worked if you selected Simplified Chinese within the game; it only did the wrong thing if you set Chinese in the Steam interface). Quickly fixed!

0.17.106: The “no combat abilities” fix

  • This build fixes an issue which could sometimes cause a class’s combat abilities to unexpectedly change the level at which they’re learned. This could result in a player not having any available combat abilities at level 1, which would result in players or monsters being totally unable to fight. The bug is fixed, and the game tries to fix things if it notices that it’s happened in your save.
  • Fixes the pause screen indicator to correctly match the screen size when the screen resizes.
  • Fixes selecting subscribers from the overview window’s subscriber list (which broke if you had very many unsubscribers)
  • Fixes the formatting of times on the clock panel on the HUD.
  • Reduces the VRAM required for shadow rendering.
  • Fixes a crash if you Alt-F4’d out of the game while the ability editing window was open on-screen.
  • Updated translations

…and a bunch of other minor bits and pieces!

0.17.107: Bug fixes, cloud tutorial sync, and… Dutch?

New in this build:

  • I believe this fixes the bug some folks were experiencing where an ability’s "learn at level " value was unintentionally changed to a different level. Which could lead to situations where all of a class’s level one attacks were changed to “learn at level 10” or similar, and the class could no longer attack anything at level 1. I’m pretty sure I found the cause and fixed it. And if you load an affected save in this build, it’ll try to fix it automatically during the load.
  • In case the above didn’t fix it, the game now watches for that happening by any means, and will generate an alert letting you know that the class doesn’t have any damage-dealing combat abilities available at level 1, so you can fix it yourself. (please also report it to me if it happens to you, though!)
  • Tutorial progression is now synchronised via Steam Cloud Sync, which means that if you move from one computer to another (when both are running this version or later), both computers will know about tutorials you’ve completed on the other computer, and not prompt you to do them again, by default. (tutorials can still be re-enabled manually)
  • Updated a bunch of localisation, especially costs displayed when using map editing tools.
  • Updated translation data, and adds Dutch as an available language in the options window.


  • Fixed some time-based shaders (ocean water, path rez, etc) to work properly no matter how long the game runs. (They stopped animating smoothly after the game had been running for a few hours at a time; now ifxed)
  • I think I’ve fixed the “IsLoggedIn()” crash, which is the most commonly reported crash left at this point. (But it’s still so rare that it’s nearly impossible for me to test it myself, so I need to send out builds for a larger number of people to test)
  • Fixed a rare text rendering crash which could occur during the loading screen, if the loading thread happened to be building a text mesh at the same moment where the main thread was trying to build the text of the game title.


  • Fixes an uninitialised variable which sometimes caused the “Show only favorites” checkbox in the subscriber list to start out selected instead of deselected.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes result in a player who had died but not yet reappeared as a ghost in a loaded save not respawning at all, and just remaining logged in and dead forever.


  • Terrain now gets “painted down” onto the map, instead of being confined to a strict grid. This also involved a bunch of performance improvements to terrain editing!
  • Text editing now supports the ‘delete’ key (deletes forward from the cursor)
  • Miscellaneous small bug fixes.

0.17.111: Hotfix

(This was actually pushed up to Steam’s ‘test’ branch two days ago)

  • Fixes a bug in 0.17.110 which would often result in all regions being underwater immediately after a load.

0.17.112 : Fixes

  • When placing paths and walls and network cables and similar objects, we now test for obstructions against the new polygon-based terrain system, not the old grid-based terrain system (oops!)
  • Fixed wall turrets to not be invisible when a wall is initially placed.
  • Plus a couple of smaller bug fixes.

0.17.113 :

  • Fixes an issue where a subscriber could get stuck in an “unsubscribing but still logged in” state, which would lock them up and they’d never unsubscribe or log out or move or anything else.
  • Fixes an issue where a player who unsubscribes or logs out while being affected by a bug didn’t clean up the “bug” icon over their head, and that icon would just be left behind until the next time the game was reloaded.
  • Fixes some road-following behaviours, which seems to fix the “Off road” warnings in log files, and also results in players doing a better job of walking along roads at different horizontal offsets, instead of all walking single-file right down the middle.


EDIT: I’ve rolled back from this build while fixing a couple critical bugs in it; a rendering problem (which seems to only affect AMD GPUs?) and an instability issue. I now have a fix for the instability issue, and am still working to fix rendering on AMD cards. Am cautiously optimistic that I’ll figure out the fix soon!

New in this build:

  • Rendering performance pass, which improves graphics performance for busy worlds.
  • Shader system performance pass, which vastly improves graphics performance when shadows are enabled (and provides smaller benefits when shadows are disabled)
  • Region Info window now shows how much bandwidth is entering and being used within the region. This needs more work, but it’s the first step toward better diagnostics for network issues.
  • Adjusted AI to make combat slightly less scary for players. (This reduces the chance that a player will outright refuse to do combat quests, or other quests located near or requiring travel through monster zones)
  • Adjusted combat AI logic such that if a player doesn’t have a damage-dealing combat ability available, they’ll consider using other combat abilities instead. (this makes energy-builder abilities much much more likely to be used)
  • Fixes the infinite-thinking bug which could result in unresponsive players which were drawn at the wrong size.
  • If a file doesn’t exist when we try to load it, notify Steam to automatically verify files before the next run.
  • Fixes the save game list to refresh correctly after deleting a save file.


Hotfix for 0.17.114!

New in this build:

  • Fixes an occasional crash while editing the map.
  • Fixes a rendering bug affecting AMD cards which caused most of the ocean to not draw.
  • Fixes another rendering bug affecting AMD cards which caused the ocean to not animate.
  • Fixes a sanity check watching for the “Infinite Thinking” bug, which was overzealously stopping the game if a subscriber chose to unsubscribe while not logged in (which is totally a legal thing for them to do, for example if they can’t afford to pay a subscription fee or if they’re stuck in a login queue)

0.17.116 - 0.17.117

A hotfix for a hotfix

New in this build:

  • Fixes a lockup which could occur while editing quests.
  • Fixes an assertion which would fire if someone chose to unsubscribe while logged out (for example, due to being unable to afford a subscription payment or due to frustration with login queues). (Introduced in version 0.17.114)


New in this build:

  • Performance boosts to placement/drawing of player names and markers over players/NPCs, as well as to tests for when a character dies or when a character’s set of available abilities change
  • Fixes sync of markers over NPC’s heads.