What's going on with you?

Been a while since we chatted about something non-MMORPG Tycoon 2-ish!

My days have been really busy, lately. The big thing that’s been on my mind for the past month has been an upcoming apartment move; I got really short notice that I needed to find a new place (owner of the apartment I’m renting now decided to move a family member into it), so first I was spending my days finding alternate places, and going on inspections, and convincing agents that I would be a good tenant… and now I’m dealing with all the wrangling around actually doing the move, which will be happening around the end of the month. The apartment, needless to say, is currently full of moving boxes. Yay.

Speaking of the end of the month, MIGW2017 is coming up really soon; Oct 23-29. For me, I’ll be at GCAP at the start of the week, and PAX Australia at the end of the week! I’m not exhibiting this year (see above paragraph re: apartment move happening literally the day after PAX; too much stress already!), but I’ll absolutely be around and about each day of both. Hit me up if you’re going to either and want to chat!

RE: Television, I’ve been bingeing on Bojack Horseman pretty hard, lately. Bojack Horseman ruined Community for me, just like how Community ruined Archer for me. Is that weird? It’s like… I just can’t go back any more.

RE: Video games, I haven’t been playing much, lately. I’ve recently toyed a bit with Just Cause 3, and Mario + Rabbids has kind of won me over for short bursts of play, both of which appeal just because I can pick them up, play for 10 minutes for a quick endorphin rush, and then put them back down again.

But I’m really looking forward to getting to play Aviary Attorney, Virginia, Thimbleweed Park, DanganronpaV3, and Tacoma… (Is it weird that the games I most want to play are all narrative-focused games, while I tend to make non-narrative, simulation/mechanics-heavy games?) but I have no idea when I’m going to have the time to actually start on any of those. Soon, I hope!

What’s going on in your life? Give me a nice distraction. :slight_smile:

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Well been busy with family stuff. Various doctor and hospital appointment’s. Trying to improve my youtube content and generally keep up with things like star trek on netflix.

My laptop which besisdes the playstation I do most of my gaming on has been getting worse and basically wont play games using the Nvidia graphics card so im waiting till I can afford to get the pc up and running proply which fingers crossed will be christmas or just after.

Some games I have been able to play on the laptop are Wurm Unlimited which is daunting but fun, Minecraft, and Borderlands.

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Yeah, I have that sort of trouble with the iMac that’s doing our Mac builds right now. Its AMD card seems to be flaking out; only way I can even use the machine reliably is to boot it into safe mode, using software to draw the desktop. Slo-o-o-w. But it can do the Mac build, still! I’m probably going to have to replace it at some point, but it feels weird to buy a Mac Mini these days, since they haven’t been updated in forever. :confused:

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Been getting to some PC games that I bought on sale in the middle of the year, but saved up. Loving Darkest Dungeons, especially. Also got Hob, recently, which seems very cool. And Endless Space 2, which gives me a good long-play buzz. Finally, of course, GuildWars 2 has the new major content update, which I’m enjoying even more than I expected.

The new Forza is also pretty swish, but I’m not a fan of the tier by tier unlocking of the cars.

Just got into the new card game Legend of the Five Rings, and I’m definitely enjoying that!

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I’ve started GuildWars 2 four or five times, and have bounced off it pretty hard each time. I know I ought to like it, but it just hasn’t really been doing it for me. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’d already been intensively working on MT2 when I did finally get around to looking at it, and its starting areas are just a little too obviously “activity zones”. I’ve had trouble really sitting down to play any MMORPGs at all, the last year or two. They just feel to protracted, and I end up feeling really guilty investing the sorts of time in them that they want you to spend.

I’m definitely going to need to get people to help me with recent MMORPG-related memes to joke about in the game, as I’ve probably missed them all!

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Updates on me: GCAP was awesome, but I was sick for the second day, and so I missed a couple speakers that I really wanted to hear. Today has been spent prepping for a big apartment move, and PAX Australia starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that!

Once PAX finishes, the big apartment move begins, which is a big process which will take up several days of work. Right now, I’m assuming that I’ll have very little time available during that week (Oct 30 -> Nov 3rd), so it’s probably unlikely that there will be updates to the game until after that! But it could happen. We’ll see. :slight_smile: I have a couple things I’ve been itching to implement, so I might find a bit of time to squeeze them in.

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And the move has happened! There’s still a lot (a lot!) of unpacking to do, including a computer which is a critical part of the game’s build server. But… everything’s coming back together now! I might actually have some ability to focus on development again, sometime in the next couple of days. I’m crossing my fingers for that! I’m getting really tired of unpacking boxes…


…and we’ve just migrated this forum server to a new machine! I’ve spent way too long doing that, today! But it was necessary, to upgrade to the latest version of the forum software. Relieved to have it done!

There are a bunch (a bunch) of new models coming in the next update. Or maybe the one after that. It’s going to be good having new art going into the game again! Here are just a few previews of what’s coming:




Look forward getting back into testing and breaking things :smiley: