what the game is and what it could be

Hey there!

Thanks to spiffing britt i found your wonderful game and put about 15h into it.

Please let me congratulate you to this wonderful product and let me provide you with some impressions.

() Your AI players provide a wonderful experience since they quite stubbornly don’t do what you expect them to do, from time to time. This generates quite some fun situations, I think you should build on that even more. Tycoon games benefit greatly from agents who do unexpected, even stupid things. Your AI need a bit more chaos in it, I think, or in other words: about 5% Players who are simply stupid and generally a bit less rational. Play a bit wilde and lose with randomizers :wink:

() the release animation is golden! I would love to see a similar style in every major release … perhaps you could set up similar cam paths in newer zones and give as an experience like this every once in a while

() the idea with a desktop within the game as startscreen is great, but the startanimation (desktop → game) does not fit the style of the rest of the game.

() elite mobs would greatly benefit of a pathing system (“walk from a to B and back”)

() tiering characters: create different models for your players based on level → making them look lousy in the beginning and epic in the end.

() your roadmap looks very reasonable

Over all I think you created a great Tycoon game but I think there is a lot of potential hidden in the game as a “make your own MMORPG” game. I fully understand that this was not the idea behind the game and this is not where you want to invest time in. i would like to put some light on why this looks so attractive.

I simply don’t have the time to play a real mmorpg and quite frankly, I am sick of playing the same over and over again. I created a version in your game where you play the monsters and kill the humans and had a lot of fun doing that.
With some clever arrangements, this works pretty well and I would play such a game, but this kind of mmorpg would never be made, let alone be played.

the idea of playing a simulated mmorpg, created by someone with an original approach, something that we haven’t seen a billion times, is very attractive, especially since we already have the opportunity to try out playing it ourselves.

Playing such a game and play from start to endgame in just some hours sounds pretty funny and might bring your players who are not in the tycoon aspect at all.

i dont suggest you go multiplayer with your game, i suggest to keep the experience singleplayer but broadening the audiance.

I hope you found something of use in my writing