What I/We need in the game

Hi, I would like to be the first to say that combat 2.0 is awesome. But still, there’s something terribly lacking in the game. I’ve been trying to figure out what would keep me in the game longer and I’ve found a few points.

  1. More class. I think 8 classes is not enough and one would like to have more classes that are different thanks to the new update to combat.

  2. PLEASE! More decorations. I’m really tired of putting the same decorations on new regions. This is the next step the game needs in my opinion. Even though combat 2.0 is awesome, it doesn’t change the fact that there isn’t much to build in that game. Because of the small selection of decorations, it even stops one from enjoying it and all the locations are the same. Give me more types of trees ( smaller, bigger ) More bushes, plants, rocks and stones ( which would be bigger than the 3 we have now )

  3. Quests - We need more types of quests. It’s not just about walking, fetching or killing x number of monsters. What give that of the monster is the possibility of some % to drop an item ( for example a skin ) and the quest would be - Get 5 skins.

  4. I would like to be able to put a mill to a building for example. Make the collisions work, this will make it possible to create more decorations.

  5. Dungeon - I think the previous points are more important to stay with the game longer.

  6. Mounts and creating custom weapons/armor for the shop - As with the combo, I would like to create for example a sword that costs X, has an attack value of X, I will be able to add an optional aspect such as bleed/poison/critic/stun chance. It’s already programmed for in combat 2.0 so the basis for this is there.

  7. Workshop - Nothing to add here.

  8. Have different spawns, the beginnings of each class on a different island. Just like it is in normal MMO games. Each race starts somewhere else :slight_smile: Maybe just add a button on the beginner portal and click which race can spawn there.

I really wish the game to be successful, and it annoys me terribly that one can’t stay with the game for long because of the low scenery value and overall gameplay. Hopefully we’ll see the next update sooner than we’ve been waiting for the new combat.

Thank you for listening

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