What are the current system requirements?

This might be a very stupid question but I’m also going to assume that not everyone is sitting on a gaming computer. I’m super excited about this game though and just wondering on what I can expect MMORPG Tycoon 2 to run smoothly on.

I have a 64bit windows laptop i3 2.1ghz 8GB ram with HD intel 5500 graphics.

I started the game up via steam and it is indeed slow. I would love to contribute with what I can to the development of this game. But right now the game is unplayable for me.

Will that be a future issue or am I just a minority with a not good enough computer? haha.



The answer is… well, I don’t actually know! I haven’t been doing much work on optimisation yet, and I haven’t yet spent any time testing the game’s performance on lower-spec machines, so I don’t really know what spec machine is required to make the game run well enough to be playable right now. I would guess that an i3 processor probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with the game simulation, and I have no clue how well an integrated graphics GPU will handle everything we’re drawing…

First thing I’d recommend is going into the settings and turning off as many render effects as you can; shadows, bloom, and especially SSAO. Similarly, reducing the window size or the fullscreen resolution may help…

My curiousity got the better of me! I didn’t see the option window first time around. Yes I reduced everything I could and the game runs fine now. Obviously still laggy but It’s fine cause I love it!

Good to hear! You’re on by far the lowest-spec hardware of any tester I’ve heard from so far, so it’s interesting that the game is still playable, even in its current (relatively-unoptimised) state!