Welcome to the new host!

We’ve migrated to a new server! There should be no visible differences (although you’ll probably have to log in again).

In theory, this server should be better in some not-clearly-defined way. Sleeker. Faster. And capable of running updated versions of the forum software, so that’s a big win too!

For the tech-heads out there, we’re now running inside a Docker container backed by Aufs disk storage, which is its preferred configuration.

Previously we were storing the forum’s data using a fall-back “if you don’t support any other way of storing data, then I guess you can use this one, if you really must” method, titled Device Mapper. Docker describe Device Mapper as “not recommended”.

The programmers who created this forum software, on the other hand, describe Device Mapper as “hacky and broken.”

So… uh… let’s not use that any more.

Anyhow, if you spot anything weird going on; broken links or etc, please let me know! (Apart from potential IPv6 DNS issues, which should be sorted out when your DNS cache expires an a day or so)


Forum seems to be running quicker. which is something.

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