Welcome, Milestone 15 Testers

Hi, everyone! Milestone 15 is out, and testers have been sent keys to redeem copies of the game!

If you’ve some time, I’d love to say “hi” to you all, either here, or on our new-ish Discord channel!

Definitely looking forward to some fresh sets of feedback about how people are getting along in the game!


Yea, happy to be part of the test :-).

I received it! Thank you \o/

Jup, me too… thanks a lot… guess it´s time for some fun now :smiley:

Got mine today. It will be an honor to test this wonderfull game ^^

The discord link isn’t working for me

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thanks for the possibility to test the game.

first bug discovered so far:
destroying monster zones via teh destroy button in the tab of the zone itself doesnt work. via the tool in the building tabs it works

Discord link not working for me either.

Try this one guessing link he used expired https://discord.gg/ubazSqX

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Whoops, yes, I appear to have accidentally posted an expiring code, instead of a permanent one! The discord link in the OP is now fixed. :slight_smile:

ist it possible, that setting your starter-region from level 1 to level 1-2 breaks the spawn of the monsters?

It shouldn’t! What’s more likely is that you aren’t supplying enough bandwidth to the monster zones to support the monsters in them. I need to make it more visible when a monster zone goes offline for a moment! I think that the only indication you get right now is all the monsters despawning.

Best thing to do is probably going to be running an extra network cable or two over to your monster zones. (Network cables often work best, incidentally, if you build them in loops, so they can pull bandwidth from the uplink from both ends)

all right… thanks… wasn´t sure if it´s a bug or if I don´t get something right…