We will have a official mod maker?

Not a ideia,just a question
Well,about the mods,will we have a official mod support or even a mod maker?

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Right now I’m just a one-man development team; the creation of mod-making tools would be a big investment of time that would probably be better spent on expanding the core game itself.

But with that said, the game’s data files are almost all in a simple plain text format, and should be pretty easy to understand and modify. If you want to provide replacements for the game’s own files, you can put them inside your user directory (the same place that the preferences files are stored) – just put a “Data” directory in there, matching the directory structure of the main game’s files, and any new or replacement files you provide will be loaded instead of the game’s default files.

Edit: The above paragraph is how it’s supposed to work. Although I must admit that I haven’t actually tested it yet. But in theory, VectorStorm’s file loading system is intended to work that way. We use PhysFS for all our file loading specifically for that single feature.

It’s already possible to add simple new building types without changing any game code; just data files defining how the building works and what model to use for them. (And adding them to the player’s starting inventory, and putting a button for the building in the action bar, of course) You can also add new character models and scenery building types the same way. Terrain types, zones, and regular scenery aren’t quite to the stage of being able to create new ones entirely via data files yet, but are close.

I’ll also be releasing and open-sourcing the model converter utility I’ve written which converts other model formats into VectorStorm’s internal model format. (Although it’d probably be pretty trivial for anybody else to do a nicer one, since the model format is reasonably simple and the VectorStorm engine itself is open source; mine is an extremely minimal command-line-only tool. I imagine that others might want a GUI on such a thing, so they can see what they’re converting).