Way more residents than subscribers

I currently have 7,200 subscribers, 4,400 of whom are level 1. I have 3 level 1 zones, and their residency is as follows:

  1. 4,940
  2. 5463
  3. 4074

How can I have more residents in just three of my many zones than the total number of subscribers? When people unsub, are they still counted as population for the purposes of the inns?

I found a bug a few days ago which could cause a single subscriber to be counted as a resident multiple hotels. It’s definitely possible that there are bugs here!

There’s also no code in there right now which double-checks that a single person isn’t listed as having more than one room at the inn at the same time. I’m going to have to put in some extra tests there to see what’s actually going wrong!

Thanks! I’m enjoying the game, btw. Would more detailed feedback be useful or just get in the way at this point in the dev process?

Just reloaded that save after the last few updates and suddenly the number of residents looks much more as it should!

Awesome, thanks for following up! I did put some changes in that were supposed to resolve some issues; glad to hear that they’ve helped!

RE: “Would more detailed feedback be useful”, detailed feedback is always useful! But it’d be fantastic if you can put it into one of the feedback or ideas threads (or create your own!); I tend to stop paying attention to these bug threads once they’re fixed. :slight_smile: