Walls not blocking pathfinding

Issue: (Walls not blocking pathfinding)
Crash (y/n): (No)
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (Windows)
Version number: (0.17.188)
Description: (I have walls around my town leaving one open space leading outside of it. I have also placed a path from inside the town, through the open space, and into a monster zone outside of the walled in town. However, the AIs just walk through the walls anyway to reach the monster zone, they only choose to use the path when they return from the monster zone)

Can you use the ‘Submit save to devs” tool in the game to submit that saved game so I can take a look and see what’s going on?

You’ll find it on the “Load Backup” tab of the launcher window on the in-game desktop interface. :slight_smile:

Cool I have submitted it, I have two monster zones that have walls near them but npcs just walk through it anyway.


Thanks, I’ve got the save!