Very poor performance after 5000 subs.

Issue: Often crashing, can’t run above normal speed, freezes and takes sometimes up to 30 seconds to save games, slight delayed responses on nearly every action in the menus.
Crash (y/n): Yes, particularly on high speeds and when saving.
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10.
Description: I’m using an Intel i7-8700k with 16GB of memory. I would assume due to needing to track 5000+ subscribers and 1500+ users at peak hours, it would be a processor/memory issue but I don’t feel like my computer is unfit for the task. It becomes very frustrating and slow after awhile. I have to leave the game running in the background on normal speed for 20+ minutes before I can check back and place some stuff with around 15K money I get in that time. Zooming in/out doesn’t seem to affect performance so it doesn’t appear to be a visual thing. Also the game autosaves while paused when I’m editing and when it does, I physically cannot do anything for 10-30 seconds because it has to save the game every minute or so. This ends up with the game becoming frustrating to play and incredibly slow, feeling like a chore. Also, oddly enough, it could be a resource allocation issue. When I alt tab out and leave it running in the background, although I’m not focused on the window, the game is still running and on normal speed. It will use only about 10-20% of my cpu and sometimes less than 2GB of memory when there is easily 10 more GB it could use and 90% of my CPU. It could be that I don’t have a second monitor and can’t say what the performance is when I am actually on the game and not having it in the background, but its still something to note regardless.

I’d offer my save file but I’m not sure at all where to find them.

Same issue with almost same setup like you.

This thread help me a bit, but still getting lag spikes when looking over popular regions/areas.