Variety is the spice of life


I’m currently working to add more types of scenery objects to the game. I’m hoping these and more will make it into a build within the next few days. :slight_smile:


looks good. nice to see more trees


We’ve needed them forever!


Looks awesome. Just a ballpark figure but how many scenery objects do we have so far?


Well, it depends on how you count scenery objects.

In terms of large natural terrain features, there weren’t many at all, before; just one tree model, and about five variants of giant mushroom (by chance, none of these are visible in the screenshot above).

With the art drop I received today, there are now more than thirty large natural scenery objects. That’s heaps better than the tiny handful we had before, but it’s still not even remotely close to enough; I wouldn’t want to go into Early Access with less than a hundred, personally. And I’m aiming for a lot more than that.

We also have scenery-buildings (dynamically generated buildings which just act as scenery). There are currently six different building themes, each of which currently contains about twenty models that get mix-and-matched together in different ways to make differently sized and shaped buildings. And so on.

A focus of the development effort over the next few months is going to be around bulking out the game’s artistic content. Most of my time over the past week has been spent talking to various local artists, figuring out who has time, ability, and an interest in making stuff for the game. I’m hoping that pays off in the near future!

I’ve also been teaching myself to drive Blender. I’m not cruel enough to subject you to models created by me (that most definitely is not my strong suit!), but if I can fix any minor issues myself (tree is floating above the ground, etc), that frees up artist time to actually make things pretty! :smiley:


That’s awesome, thanks for answering!


WOOOW, AWESOME! Looks very good!


Also, wow that screenshot looks really dark on this screen. It looked completely fine on my work computer.

I must have messed up the gamma somehow. I should probably figure out how to make screenshots not do that.