Variable speed factor (make fastest faster)

right now we have normal speed, faster and fastest which translates to x1, x2.5(?) and x5

the problem now is that x5 is often just not enough.

i tend to create my zones in pause mode and than click to fastest for some days to see what happens. if you create a new zone lvl1,2 and 3 it will take about a month of time until the lvl3 zone becomes “alife” this translates in quite some time … and quite honestly … there is often nothing to do but to wait. and thats not fun.

“nothing to do” is not bad per se, it is a tycoon game after all and our product should create money and not work.

i would suggest to add the option to change the speedoption. “oxygen not included” had this option. it too had pause, normal, fast and fastest but you could change what that meant in the settings, like fastest = x10 or x20


I love this idea! I wish the game would be faster sometimes.

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The issue is that if the game went any faster, 5000 new cheater players would join in the time I blink, and I’d have to spend the next half an hour banning them all anyway