Unable to zone or place towns

Issue: unable to use the zoning tools or place towns
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Description: For some reason with this new version I am unable to create towns or place monster zones clicking on the buttons works but when coming to actually use them nothing happens

Both functions are working okay for me. Can you check in a new game and verify that it’s happening for you there too?

If it’s only happening in a single saved game, I’d be very interested to take a look at that save!

We previously had people occasionally report crashes when trying to place zones or towns. I was never able to reproduce that bug, but I put in a fix to fix the crash. I suspect you may be hitting that same core bug; just now that I’ve put in a workaround for the crash, it’s not crashing any more; just failing to place those towns or zones which would have caused a crash before.

It was a new mmo I created. I’ll check it out with a few others and email the save if it carrys on.

reloaded the game save and everything is now working as intended. Strange

Thanks for testing that, yxxxx!

That implies that whatever the issue is, it’s something transient; not that gets saved and restored.

So likely culprits: Uninitialised variable somewhere, memory tromping… something else? Going to go looking to see what I can find.

…got it! Working on a fix now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And it’s fixed! Some data about the placement of zone and town grids wasn’t being created properly when creating a new game; only when loading from a saved game. As a result, towns and zones were failing to figure out where they should offer to be created, any time you had started a new game instead of loading from a save.

Immediate workaround is to quit and reload your new game immediately after creating it. But this fix will be in the next build. Thanks for reporting, yxxxx!

yay im not going mad :smiley: