UI Scaling - missing elements (breaks tutorial)

Issue: Elements disappearing off right side of screen when UI scaling from 100-200. Causes you to get stuck in the tutorial unable to start the game.
Crash (y/n): N
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows

Repeatable issue.

When set to 4k resolution, scaling the UI from 100-200 in a single jump will cause a bug where dialogue boxes on the right side of the screen don’t appear. This prevents you from progressing through the tutorial just after the tutorial asks you to rotate the camera because the tutorial requires you to click okay on a dialog box that is not visible.

If you gradually scale the UI from 100-150, then 150-200 this bug doesn’t happen. It only seems to happen when I scale the UI in a single jump from 100-200. Not a big problem if you know how to fix it, but game breaking for some new players because you can’t even start a new game.

I uploaded an example of the bug here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MuRrbU1uWg
It’s potato quality video but pay attention to the dialogue box in the top right. The video is unlisted.

Thanks for reporting, @Vad! I’m going to look at this tonight! I’m not sure why it’d be different to scale the UI up in steps, rather than all in one go!

Are you using ‘Fullscreen’ or ‘Fullscreen Window’ video mode? It probably shouldn’t matter, but… just as some extra information!

I was playing in fullscreen, I also tried fullscreen window, and just windowed mode. Same problem in all of them.


It’s interesting that it’s only the tutorial message window that isn’t moving into position; that all the HUD and the options window itself do stay correctly in position on the screen! I wonder if that’s maybe a hint about what’s going wrong. I’m definitely checking into this tonight!