Tutorial could stand to explain network bandwidth more

The tutorial does mention that creating monster regions might lead to bandwidth problems, and you might need to run more network cable, but it doesn’t really explain what the info in the game means, and why running more cable might help (the area is still within the UI’s “covered” region, but now it has two sources providing bandwidth, which is not otherwise really shown).

Once regions start flaking in and out, a new user might well wonder what is going on and not remember the passing comment. It might be worth attaching a mini tutorial to the first time that happens (if such a trigger is possible in the system).

The network layer definitely needs better coverage in the tutorial (along with lots of other parts of the game), and I also need to make it more robust.

The “flaking in and out” is something that shouldn’t happen; I really want the network system to sit solidly in one of two states; “working” or “not-working”. Flipping rapidly between those two states doesn’t feel good! Maybe I need to add an in-between “flaky” state which has its own visualisation, as well.

The system in general needs to work better, needs to visualise better, and needs to be explained better.

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