Travel in the world...

Hi !
I have a question and suggestions about travels.

First I would like to know how players can travel to an another island ?
For example in my first game I’ve decided to start on a island but I’m stuck, because I have no idea how to travel to the continent.

So I have some suggestions about travels and fast travels (no mount) :slight_smile:

  • Portal : Players can be teleported between two capitals (like wow)
  • Ship : To travel by sea.
  • Zeppelin : Juste like WoW
  • Some flying creatures, or some (steampunk?) vehicles (like train…), or horse-drawn vehicle…

Thx for reading

It is possible for your players to travel across islands. There is a tech that you can unlock that is flightpaths. In order to unlock it you would need to plop down ambient props in order to get an upgrade point for your game. You get to upgrade the version of your game every 100 props you place. (you can place the 10$ ones for cheaper upgrade points) After you unlock flight paths you can place them from the pathing menu. I think they are a bit buggy so when connecting new flight paths I usually place the new gryphon first and then click the old gryphon second in order for it to work without problems. It is best if you place the two flight points on zones that have natural level progression.

Hope this helps.

Oh ! Thanks so I will see that when I’ll be more advanced to the game.

Another thing you can do before flightpaths is in the grid menu you can raise and lower entire regions out and into the ocean. So you can create islands and also connect them to the continent at no extra cost I believe.

Sure but It’s more interesting flightpaths haha !
Btw I’ve got an another question about quests, What does these letters mean? quests


I believe those are Beauty, Convenience and Danger. Beauty should be how many props you have around the place. Convenience should be how close shops, paths and the graveyard is to the area, and danger should be how tough the mobs are. I am not sure if the D in the quest tab is for distance as danger should go up to 10 I think. No idea how those numbers are calculated though.