Topic Class for good MMORPG question and other?

Hello there in the topic i try create you’r idea and master class for good MMO , (sorry for my english)
You suggest the good class and idea, for the name class and the ability for Help the new and curius player ! And the pro MMO creator help you for class balance.

Me too i have question for you, the priest class it’s possible now ? it’s possible creat now the healer class the player heal the team or for the moment it’s not possible ?
and if so, how to create spells that heal the group ?

To create a spell to heal the group, simply remove the damage, and plus the little plus on the action creation screen. After this scroll down and there will be multiple buff effects, healing should be right next to damage at the top. Make sure the range is not on “self only” (just as a note clerics in a lot of fantasy aren’t just healers, they deal GODLY damage. Pun intended.) Then you can do some tests to make sure it casts properly, one problem you my encounter is not every cleric will be in a party, or be with another player, so you might want to make a couple of “Self only” healing and buff abilities, sorry for the lengthy explanation, I hope you can understand!