Tip: Make an Avatar Monster

Once you’ve unlocked a number of monster slots, pick one to be your “Avatar” monster. Max out the stats and make all the abilities starting abilities. Then you can give it a variety of abilities, some that are on par with what players and monsters have and some that are GM level (insta-kill, insta-heal, etc.).

Then spawn an epic version of that monster at the highest level for any given region and immediately take control of it. You can now use your “Avatar” to test your fighting mechanics and balances.

It is easier than taking control of a bunch of different players and monsters, plus can serve as a more interesting way to wander around looking for toxic players (not to mention the option of giving them a beat down before the warning or ban!).

Anyway, I’ve found this adds another dimension to the gameplay and thought I’d share the tip. :slight_smile: