Thoughts on the new "Edit/Inspect/Grid" interface?

  • I like it!
  • Dislike: everything takes too many clicks, now.
  • Dislike: I can never find what I’m looking for.
  • Dislike: Other complaint (please specify below!)

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In the latest builds of MMORPG Tycoon 2, I’ve put in an experimental change which adds an explicit “Edit mode” to the game. In order to access editing tools, you must first select “Edit mode”, then click on the region you want to edit. While in “Edit mode”, you cannot move the camera away from the region you’ve selected for editing, without first changing out of “Edit mode”.

In theory, all edit tools should only function in the region you’ve selected for “Edit mode”. (In practice, that restriction hasn’t yet been implemented for a lot of the tools, yet, so you can happily edit terrain outside of the selected edit region).

I’m very interested in people’s feelings about this; it’s very different from the original game’s “you’re always in edit mode” approach! I have some thoughts, personally, but I want to hear your reactions too. :slight_smile:

Took me a while to respond to this as I was thinking hard on my opinion. I finally decided that I like the way it is at the moment. I do think though it might be something that will need to be discussed again in the future.