There is a BUG that can't input Chinese

Dear game developer, hello!
I’m a player from China. Now, a problem that bothers Chinese players is that they can’t input Chinese by input method and can’t display the candidates of characters. The candidate window of Chinese input method cannot be displayed in the game, so that we can only type by imagination, and even copy and paste Chinese characters into the game with the help of office, which is really bad. I hope the author can optimize it, and thank the author for bringing us such an excellent game! My platform is: windows 10 version of PC system is the latest version at present. Sorry, I don’t know where to look at the version, but I bought the downloaded game on August 19th, and I asked many Chinese players that they all have this problem. The game didn’t crash. I can’t solve this problem by using many input methods, including sougou input method, Microsoft input method and Google input method. If developers can solve this problem, we will be very grateful.

It looks like this might be a bug in SDL2 (the library we use for window management and input handling), documented here:

I’ll see what I can do to try to work around the issue, but it’s going to be tricky for me to test fixes, since I don’t speak or write Chinese or other IME-using languages myself! (It’d be fantastic if I could get some folks to volunteer to test things for me to let me know whether they help!)

Okay, I’ve figured out how to replicate this issue; hopefully I’ll figure out a way around it!

(To clarify; text entry does work in Chinese; type ‘pinyin’ and hit enter or space, and it turns into ‘拼音’ as you’d expect. It’s just that the IME window doesn’t appear and it doesn’t show the partial composition you’ve been typing, which means you have to remember what you’ve typed and you can’t pick alternatives)

It would be great if I could help!!

Chinese pinyin because many words have the same pronunciation, so we can’t choose the right words without candidate boxes

And just for fun… I’ve verified that the IME does appear correctly when the game is run either on Mac or on Linux; it’s only on Windows where it isn’t present, for some reason.

This is really bad, because a large number of players in China use windows (I guess more than 90% of windows users)

Probably much higher than that! I’m just saying that I think the game’s internal code is probably correct, since it’s working on those other platforms, and that it probably really is a bug inside SDL2’s Windows support.

Which means that I need to fix it there, rather than inside the game itself. I’m trying some things. :slight_smile:

…and I have a fix to SDL2 that makes it work! I need to do a little bit of work before it’ll be fully ready to go, but I’m hoping to have a fixed build up on the ‘test’ branch on Steam in a few hours. :slight_smile:

This isn’t perfect since it isn’t showing the in-progress composition text anywhere (that’ll require updates to the game itself and will take longer), but at least the candidate list is now present, which is a huge improvement over what was happening before!

As far as I know from search engines, it seems that some games also have this problem. I tried to find a solution to this problem on baidu, but I tried it, and it seems to have no effect. This is the method given by search engines

I hope to update and solve this problem as soon as possible, because I really like this game

Hm. This change only makes it work in Windowed mode; still no candidate list in fullscreen or fullscreen window.

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There is another problem, that is, I always think that if the low-level area in the game is far away from the high-level area, the players in it don’t seem to go. For example, if the level 3 area is far away from the level 4 area, it seems that the players in the level 3 area can’t go to the level 4 area quickly

If you check the ‘test’ build, it has my changes in it right now. It should give you the IME completions list if the game is in ‘Windowed’ mode. For me it doesn’t show up in fullscreen or fullscreen window modes, but those are worth testing.

I might have to wire directly into the IME myself, drawing the completion list within the game, instead of trying to let the OS draw it.

This is really great, I will continue to support this game, and test the update. Is this it?

That’s the one! Let me know how it goes for you!

I have updated it. Now I can type normally in window mode. I shared this message with other gamers and taught them to update. They were very happy. Thank you again for bringing us such an excellent game. This game has a good reputation in China. Many anchors are playing this game. I learned about this game from the anchor. Please keep it up! Another player asked me to ask you when the team building system will come out. They can’t wait, ha ha ha

I’m hoping that the party system will be ready to go within a few days! Thanks for verifying that this is working for you now!

In addition, I hope you can update the anti cheating instructions in the next update, because many Chinese players think that green cheaters are loyal players. Thank you again for helping us solve this problem