The Updated Roadmap!

We just updated our roadmap for an up-to-date look at what we’re working on and are planning to work on in the near future! Check it out on our website here:

:sparkles: ROADMAP :sparkles:

Note that not everything is visible here; other new features, improvements, and performance boosts will be coming as well, along with bug fixes! These are just the really big-ticket new features!

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Dungeons and pvp gonna be SICK

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Thank you for the update! The roadmap looks excellent and I’m stoked for all that will be coming to the game in the future. Make sure not to overwork yourself Trevor! We love all you do for us, but health and rest are important too.


Is there any plans to further expand on the abilities we can make in our MMOs? Such as AoE, summoning, taunting, scaring, stealth, charging/speed boost, transforming, etc?