The Level 2 Hangout

Issue: Characters who hit level 2 all convene in the same spot
Crash (y/n): N
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Ok… I think I’m going to need pictures to explain this one.

So I’ve got 2 zones, 1-5 (my starting zone) and a 5-10.


Everyone at level 1 is happily accepting quests and then heading off to kill some spiders.

I noticed that all my players as they were hitting level 2 were traveling along a road to somewhere I hadn’t built anything yet… just a dead end.

… and they were all stopping and socializing in one spot.


It is happening to every single level 2 non-stop. Player comes in, levels to level 2, goes to the cool-kid hangout next to the lamp post. (Note: It’s unrelated to the lamp post because I added that after to spiff up the hangout)

The weird thing is, this hangout is just on the outskirts of my level 5-10 zone… so none of these guys should be going here. There is no quests that point them this way. They just… like that spot!

The only explanation I can think of is MAYBE I wasn’t supposed to make the first zone 1-5 and they are expecting that once they level up they should leave the first zone? Dunno!

Sending my save files over via email to you.

I haven’t yet looked at your save files, but what you’re seeing looks like players in the 1-5 zone have gotten bored of what’s available in there, and have gone exploring. That’s actually a fairly common thing to see; players don’t know what’s outside their current region; they have to explore to find out.

(Note that when they don’t know what’s available to do because they can’t see anything, they’ll sometimes go AFK to check online guides to find out. Right now, when they do that, they only learn about their own region, not neighboring regions. Maybe they should learn about those nearby regions too).

So what happens is that people travel through to the next region, get there and discover that it’s far too high a level for them, and then decide that rather than walk all the way back right now, they’ll instead look for somebody to talk to. Once they’ve bolstered their “social” need, they’ll usually go back to the old region and resume play there.

It all kind of makes sense, but I agree that it definitely looks odd, especially to new players. I just need to figure out how to make it not happen. Maybe the thing to do is just to give people knowledge of adjacent region levels automatically (magically!), so they don’t have to actually travel into them to find out their level range.

Thats interesting. Whats odd is all these players have like 10 quests in my current region so it’s not like they’ve run out of content. I’ve got 2 towns, many quests per town, 5 different mob areas, and a dungeon in the first area and yet they all seem to get bored after killing enough spiders to hit level 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kind of hilarious to watch cause it’s a consistent stream of players who all unanimously decided that the first zone is boring. lmao

Was wondering what that meant! :slight_smile:

I agree that in theory it makes sense but it’s odd that every single level 2 player says “F this, I’m out” when they’ve barely seen MOST of the region they are in. I would think they would at least attempt to finish more content in their current region or explore it before wandering off to another one.

Update on this. I watched one of these level 2’s for a while and he eventually returned back to the level 1 zone.

He went shopping, then socialized until that need was met, and then he switched back and forth non-stop between idle and checking online guides for about 5 mins before unsubbing.

He was standing in the middle of a town full of quests in the middle of the first region which is also filled with quests.

There’s gotta be something off here where they aren’t properly discovering what is in the first region.

EDIT: Watched a few more people and some of them never return. They just stand at the hangout for a while checking the online guide and socializing and then unsub after a while of that.

Okay, after investigation…

All the old tools for adjusting levels up and down were removed a couple months back, during one of the big GUI updates. That leaves multi-level regions kind of unworkable right now, since in a “Level 1-5” region, there’s no way to create level 2 quests; they all get created at a level 1 difficulty, which level 2 players refuse to spend their time doing.

For the moment, my best recommendation is to create your regions with a single level for each region, and I’ll see about getting those controls put back in place again.


Ah. So basically they are leaving level 1 region saying “See ya later NEWBS” but then can’t find any appropriate content for them in the level 5 zone? lmao

Thats a bit of an issue cause it really doesn’t take long to get from level 1 to level 2. Makes your level 1 zone pretty much useless if they out grow it after a couple of quests.

Our classic problem in the MS14 era was that people weren’t able to level up fast enough, causing level 1 starting regions to fill up and overload. The opposite is kind of a refreshing, different problem to have! (I made players require about half as much XP to gain a level, and also vastly increased the amount of XP people got for completing quests, so yeah, early levels will be gained much faster than before! Higher levels will be slower than in MS14, as we now have WoW-style increasing XP requirements as levels go up)

But yes, having a region which supports levels 1-5 should totally be possible; I just hadn’t been thinking about it because that hasn’t been something we actually wanted to do very often, until recently. Looking into it, you should be able to set monster zones to other levels (via their info window, when you select them), but it isn’t really obvious to do. But you still can’t set quests or other things as being level-appropriate.

I probably should just have a way to set a “current level” which would affect all placement tools. Instead of having to manually select everything you place and then setting its level individually, you’d instead select a level, and then everything you created would automatically use the level you’d selected. Maybe have a “change level” tool too, which you could set a single level on, and then you could click on any sort of placed object to change its level to the selection in a single click. Something like that, maybe.