The game frames dropped periodically after update the game

after I build the first city the frames become unstable, drop to zero periodically, and my device is 1060 6g, it can’t be like this
please fix this ;(

by the way, the frames were stable yesterday

Just started playing today and yes I noticed after I get a few zones cooking that the frames start getting bad.

Hi, after a recent fix made to AI pathfinding including the Flight Paths, the increased pathfinding checks made by the AI caused by this fix resulted in FPS drops.

There is a fix for this already that should be pushed very soon into Steam.


The fix that @atum mentioned is now live on Steam; hopefully it helps a whole lot!

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Hi, dev I guess I found another issue…
the game stuck/hang after I open the PVP feature for a while and this is a 100% bug
please check it :wink:
if u can’t reproduce this, make sure the online player over 1,000 and then open the PVP duel and click the fastest time button