Terrain icons in wrong place

Issue: the terrain icons don’t represent what they actually are
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Description: At the moment the terrain icons don’t match with what the tool actually does. eg snow/ice icon for the forest, tree icon for desert

The icons seem to correctly match for me.

What doesn’t match is the tooltip text that comes up if you hover over one of the icons. For me, the icons do match what the tool will place; it’s only the text label that’s wrong. Can you confirm whether that’s the same for you?

Your right it is just the tooltips.

I was thrown by the tools changing depending on the region. Guess I got into the habbit of starting and using the same region types and never noticed that the tools change.

As an aside. the performance improvements you made make the game much smoother and run so much better on my laptop.

Awesome. And I’ve fixed the tooltips in 0.14.12. :slight_smile:

Glad that it’s all running better for you now! I kind of can’t believe how big a difference it is! (There were a whole bunch of improvements, but the major one was… surprising, to say the least. I should write a blog post about it, maybe.)

yes please do. i would be intresting