Teleporter Not Being Used?

My lvl 3 area is wicked overpopulated, so I added a teleporter right outside of the town that goes to a new area, further away on the map in a new continent (this new area is set also at level three). I made an NPC with a quest that would presumably send them through the portal: go to portal on this side, go to portal in new zone, go to tavern in new zone.

However, after a full in-game month not a single person has used it. Am I missing something? The portals are indeed connected, and set on both sides to a 0gp price.

They love the portal on the overcrowded side, can’t get enough of the damn thing, they line up and “use it” but don’t teleport and then just stand there not doing anything.

Meanwhile my other zone is a ghost town.

As can be seen, they are in fact connected via teleporter path. How do I teach my gamers to tele-dougie?

I haven’t unlocked the teleporter yet personally, however I seem to have this exact same problem with my vehicles (Zeppelins, Boats etc.)

The only thing I can think of, is that I have so many flight paths that I set up prior to unlocking vehicles, that the players are choosing to use them at mass since they get them to more specific locations I am assuming the AI is wanting to go, whereas the vehicles (and I’ll assume teleporters as well unless corrected) are only a two way travel.

If not, then I have no clue. The price for all travel in my game is 0 gold, free, and the flight paths always reign as the primary travel for my players for some reason.