Technology Tab Where?

I can’t seem to find where to research technology?

When you place an object your version goes up (eg: 1.5.52 → 1.5.53) you get a point to spend on your mmo stats when your reach a new (as i like to call them) minor version (in this example case 1.6.00) and a new “tech” every major version (in this example 2.0.00)

There is no other way of getting these at present and i havent found a way to bring up the unlockable features to have a look at them exept for when i have a point to spend on them. But it can be found in the top left next to your MMO subs and players currently online when you have points to spend, The same place you upgrade your MMO’s stats every minor version

edit: Oh i allmost forgot you CAN get some “techs” from picking certain MMO types on world creation.

Thank you I did not realize.