Summoning abilities?

I think it would be cool to add summoning abilities for players and enemies. You would be able to make minions which is what players and enemies would summon. Minions would be made like player classes and enemies. But these minions would be smaller in size, have lower max stats and would despawn after a certain amount of time if they are not killed.

When making a summoning ability you would chose what minion would be summoned by the ability and how many of that minion the ability summons. Also the level of the minions summoned would depend on the level of the caster.


YES. This is something I 100% need in the game.

Also I like your idea of making minions their own subsection.
However, I think that instead of having minions disappear after a while, maybe the players can have a summon cap where they can only have a limited amount of minions at a time.

I think a lot of people really like the idea of minions, but it might be a bit complicated to implement, and if we can’t get it for our players I am hoping we can at least get it for dungeon bosses/raid bosses