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Best reader(s) and developer(s),

I saw some youtube videos today about this game, I heard that the developer is closely involved in his community and that he actually listens. I think that’s unique now-a-days and therefore I bought the game not only because I like Tycoon games, but also to support him. Thanks for doing this mr. developer! :crazy_face:

I hope this is the right section to do this, because I have some ideas for the game, if I may:

1. Item modification
The ability to edit items which are available in the game. Set the stats (or auto-balance) it. Also the ability to set the loot chance to the item to create an in-game rare-item system. This could also eventually be upgraded with a list of ‘most valueble ingame items’ which is funny and nice to monitor as Game God.

  1. Ingame economy monitor
    Add a monitor / summary how you can see the total in game money, how much is spend on what etc etc.

  2. Shop modification
    The ability to edit shops which items they sell (the items which can be created by the player). And which items sell for which price etc etc.

  3. A management tab
    The management aspects of the game feel a bit under represented. Also the menu to perform management actions, like loan etc does not feel like a tycoon game yet. I think a management tab with perhaps more formal colors (white or paper color) could already improve the look-and-feel of this part of the game.

  4. Quest creator
    It’s really nice that you can select quests. Perhaps this system can be extended with an ability to make ‘main quests’ or just ‘larger quests’ where the player assigns multiple tasks in to one quest and can the amount of XP / gold which is gained.

  5. Features / technology
    In the features tab, you see that you need to unlock “pvp technology”. I think it would be cool if your developers, when they are not bugfixing generate X points per minute. Than you can purchase different kind of technologies with those points to upgrade your game.

  6. Materials
    Introduce materials to the game with production abilities: woodcutting, mining, food creation (cook/fish/farm). MMO players can sell those to gain in-game money.

  7. Clans
    A clan system. MMO players can join a clan, a clan can own certain territories, which can be drawn by the player (like NPC zones). Then also be able to draw a clan war zone area, where clans can PvP each other. A clan leaderboard can be added (which includes amount of members, zones owned etc). Than maybe in the future allow clans to build a small city or so? Like a fortress maybe.

  8. Monster creation
    Allow players to create new monsters. You can already edit the current monsters, which is really cool. I think allowing the players to create new classes, with the current editor system is really nice to add diversity in to the game where players can create their own RP-feeling (like a region with only human NPC enemies etc).

I will be extending this list. I hope the list is appriciated :slight_smile: !



The developer has already made a list of upcoming features on the Steam discussion page.

I do like number 2 as the finance tab in the game could be better. As of now, it is quite unclear how much money is for upkeep and how much money you have spent which makes it hard to see if you are making a profit by looking at it.

I also really like 1, 3, and 7 which kind of sit hand in hand if crafting is added in.


Creating a class is a great idea, as well as creating quests with a certain amount of experience.

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Thank you! I did not see that post yet.

And thanks @Tracer for the feedback too.

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