[suggestions] Some mechanics to add

Hi there,

I’m really happy to join this community and hope you’ll like my ideas to improve this speechless game.
First of all thanks to the team this game is pretty fun and act as a game designer or level designer is really interesting.
Here is a bunch of ideas to improve the game :slight_smile:
Possibility to add sound, act as a sound designer and create ambience related to the current region could be really interesting, also the possibility to split a region into sub regiOn could be better to really personalise the sound or the design of a sub region.
Add a bestiary in the desktop to create and personalised reusable monsters and not define everything at each new game or create a new version for a specific game.
World map editor, to create templates of world or even recreate wow ?
Quest map to view all the quests givers and also see the defined path, also add a custom quest description could be really enjoyable to personalise each mmo

Hope you’ll like these ideas, I’ll certainly come with others later

Take care