Suggestions: NPC list & Render distance or LOD settings

NPC list:
So… I’ll make it simple, I forgot where I put my quest giver NPC and there’s no panel/menu to find my NPC that I have put. yeah… need a way to find them.

Render Distance/LOD (level of detail):
The game probably already have some optimizations but I think I need to take control of how far the game will render NPC, player, prop that are so far away it’s become just a bunch of pixels maybe some 3D rendering settings to the lowest it become like old RuneScape
for a potato PC player like myself I want it. the game running good on all lowest settings until there are more things on the screen.

My spec:
CPU: i5 2400
Ram : 8GB
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

A little late, but there IS a list of NPCs already. If you click on your region while zoomed out, you can get an info panel. On that panel, the Contents tab has every functional item placed in that region: monster zones, scenery buildings, shops, and, yes, NPCs. The NPCs are even sorted by role, so you can see exact who is and isn’t a quest giver.

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