[Suggestions] New Player Thoughts

From a new player perspective, here’s what I’m hoping for:

  • Forum: You need a “suggestions” category.
  • GUI: The first tab you introduce in the tutorial is the seventh tab in the GUI. You should move “Grid”, “Network”, and “Reports” all the way to the left and then put a visible space between them and the remaining tabs so users understand “back end” vs. “front end” content.
  • GUI: “Overview” and “Reports -< Overview” do the exact same thing.
  • GUI: I’d love to see “Coastal” be a sub-tab so I can have all my buildings (inn, tavern, stall, blacksmith, potion shop) be the same theme.
  • GUI: I’d love to see “Hub Layouts” be a sub-tab so I can just plop an entire town and move on instead of having to do every building every time.
  • Exploration: In real life, users explore to find chests and resource nodes. I’d love to see a “node” editor in the “Design Doc” that allows users to create anything (iron node, chest to open, gemstone node) that the quest givers can link to.
  • Terrain: I can deform terrain using “chasm”, but that’s it. Since the mechanics are already there, I’d love to see a “cliff” creator or a “hill” creator that does the opposite if you hold the “shift” key.
  • Keybinding: You can’t rekeybind the “focus” key. So if you rekeybind something to “F” and have a player selected, pressing “F” will toggle focus and do the other thing.
  • Beta: There’s no beta client. You can’t test your world prior to launching it. Not only is that a great way to create buzz, but you can do a full wipe if the economy is a train wreck.
  • Economy: An MMORPG is, above all else, an economy. That’s why New World is failing miserably right now. There is no global view of how much gold is in the system to see if the gold created is balancing with the gold removed.
  • Starting Points: I’d love to be able to restrict each starting point to one or more player classes using checkboxes.
  • Prefabs: “Abilities” have prefabs. I’d love to see “Enemies” and “Player Classes” also use this system.
  • Enemy Distribution: I created bears to be particularly challenging at LVL 1. But when they clump together, they overwhelm. I’d love to see a toggle for “spread out evenly”.