[Suggestions] Mid-game Considerations

Now that I’ve played for 24 hours of game time and have some LVL 20 built, I have some other tweaks:

  • I can’t imagine why, in this game, users would need to know the player’s actual names on the “MMORPG Overview => Subscribers” list. However, knowing both level and player class would be extremely helpful for testing player classes.
  • I think the game should allow a “training center” building that automatically deploys new “trainer” NPCs within its walls as they are created, that way we can “set it and forget it” instead of having to search every zone every time we make a class.
  • If we can set a monster zone, why not set a friendly zone–like “University” or “Market” where users can be sent on quests.
  • Why do users still get XP at LVL 20?
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  1. immersion :wink:
  2. unsure. yea: it sucks to create a trainer in each and every city if you expand classes, but it also feels quite nice that we have the freedom to place them how we want, because in fact: it looks better if not all trainers are crammed together.