Suggestions List

I have been playing for a few days now and I am REALLY excited to see where this game goes. I have never left extensive feedback on an early alpha game before so if I come off harsh I don’t mean to! Below are some bugs I noticed, suggestions for tweaks, and points I liked so far. Hope they help!

  • Bug: Stance does not hold from class to class. i.e. If I want to make my Sorcerers ghost stance it changes all of them to ghost stance.

  • Bug: For some reason when I change the color of my enemies it changes the color of those shared body parts among other enemies. i.e. I make bear feet blue on mob 1 and mob 2 which also has bear feet now has blue feet as well.

  • Bug: When you reset or apply changes top an enemy zone, it deletes any Elite enemies in the zone.

  • Bug: I have a bunch of PCs that have turned red and are floated above the region borders for regions I do not own. Very ominous or interesting but definitely not suppose to happen.

  • Suggestion: It would be cool if the enemies populated with a variety of standard abilities instead of the basic Attack / Beatdown combo for every single one except starters.

  • Suggestion: When you change a regions level, set it to adjust Elite mobs and friendly NPCs because currently this makes it so you can have a quest-giver giving out level 3 quests that attract level 3 players to a level 6 zone. Yikes!

  • Suggestion: Add a randomization option for enemy model designer, name/stats, and abilities page so we can get an idea and tweak as need be for those who take more joy in the meta design rather than the micro.

  • Suggestion: Make the scenery tool for trees and such have a area option so you don’t have to place every individual tree.

  • Suggestion: Give the PVP duels and zone to fight in. I have two evenly matched classes in my game and they ran themselves through multiple territories during their fight

  • Suggestion: Have the shops scale their price for the region they are in. Currently I have level 6 players with way more gold than they need, but I can’t adjust the exp or gold drop for mobs but adjusting every single shops selling prices to match it’s level zone is tedious.

  • Point: I am excited to see what satisfaction does for building and NPCs.

  • Point: The network idea is a cool idea for resource management.

  • Point: I am very interested to see what other shops and such become available down the line but the town building is interesting so far.

  • Point: I really like the biome adjustments from region to region.

As I go, I am sure I will have more ideas but those are what I could think of for now. Thank you!